How do you know if someone is upset with you?


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Generally speaking their body language and tone of voice(as my friend keith old said) and of course their relation between you that it change can show you that someone is upset whit you or not...
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G'day Sarra,

Thank you for your question.

You can generally tell by body language and tone of voice whether someone is upset with you.

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Their facial expression says it all.
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I usualy get the silent treatment. Its a good indicator.
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I hope they just tell me they are upset with me...... Otherwise how else should I really know?
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Tony Newcastle
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If they are Red Indians, and you have upset them, you will know by their smoke signals and war drums. Prepare for batle, or flight.
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They dont want to talk 2 u.
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They  would  stay  to  their  self  and  not  communicate  to you  as much , as  they  usually do
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His/her rudeness either will not talk or in case if he is talking i can't get the concentration this is the symbol of upset...
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Because they will be offhand with you. Not their usual self and as stewingrat says they will give you the cold shoulder. There will be an "atmosphere" between you both.

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