What To Do When You Get Angry With Someone You Love?


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Short answer: You talk to them.
Communication is the key to a strong relationship; if you can't tell each other how you feel and work through your problems, the relationship won't last.

What Should I Do?
  • If you've had an argument about something and your partner has apologized, you might still be angry. That's okay - it happens sometimes. Just let them know, instead of sulking. Tell them that you've accepted their apology, but you're still angry, and that they need to give you time to get over it.
  • If you haven't told them, do it now. If you keep your anger to yourself, they won't know what they've done wrong, and then there's a good chance that they'll do it again.
  • If your partner's done something to make you upset or angry but they won't apologize, you have every right to still be annoyed at them. Your feelings should matter enough for them to care that they've hurt you.
  • Make sure you get it all off your chest: If you say everything that you want to, you'll feel a lot better, and you'll be able to move forward.
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you poor thing, thats so not right for him to not even text you for so long,
something is up you should talk to him about it.
I don't think that email was the right thing to do, cause you usually regret it and
its harder to take back words after you say em,,
but if he loves you hell come around. But if he doesnt do anything about it
I don't think he takes you seriously.
I don't know but I think you should find someone that will remember you and text you every chance they get.
I hope everything goes okay

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Sounds as though you didn't handle this really well. You may learn some valuable lessons about yourself, as a result of this. I don't think that you did a really wrong thing, you expressed your anger and your frustration, and that may have helped you get over it. I think if you are honest, you may have resented the whole situation to begin with. We would all love to  know, that we are, so 'all consuming', in our specialness, that those we love, are miserable when separated from us. That is not healthy nor is it realistic. You simply must have a life of your own. You can not make this person your whole focus in life, or you will bore them eventually. It was rude of this person not to contact you, and that is real. If you had not made a big deal of it, and had actually been busy yourself, he might be the one with the resentment! Next time make plans for yourself. The time will fly by, and he might be wondering what you were up to?
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Good one. It happens to me sometimes too. I just get so mad but i just don't know what to do.
It just spoils my entire day. I like what you said, "You simply must have a life
of your own". It will really work if i can follow this. Thanks!
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That man should have kept his promise to you. I would come right out and question him about his trip and if the pieces don't fit to your liking and you can't trust him then you get rid of him or keep him on a short leash.You know what is good for you so trust your instincts.don't let this one slide.
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Leave them alone for a while until they come to their senses.
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Well you were not wrong its well known that fight brings extra love between two hearts if he loves you he'll understand you and say sorry but you are right next time he'll not forget to call you up.
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Think of what the good things they do that you love them... And if that doesn't work think if you really should be that mad at them...
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You should take in account many man really don't like talking on the phone. He probably likes you, but he does not like calling or talking on the phone (maybe?)

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