What do you do to calm down after a fight with someone you love?


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Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

I don't know if I do anything in particular .. Typically I become withdrawn and isolated when I am hurting or offended for a few days .. If it's something that just pisses me off, I say my piece, deal with it and move on.

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Tom Jackson answered

Real intimacy is rarely polite.

After many years, my wife and I know that nothing one of says to or about the other is to be taken personally by the other.

That setup allows for the expression of frustration and anger without the pain that is usually suffered by the other.

(Don't just try this at home until you really understand what I am saying and what it takes to have it work.)

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

Its more fun to make up.

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Pepper pot answered

If we have a disagreement that cannot be resolved immediately, then some time apart normally calms me down, and gives me time to review things. We both hate ill feeling and so we try to not get to that point. 

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