Where Can A Guy Find Girls?


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It all depends on what kind of girls he wants to meet. Normally people don't like the idea of meeting a guy or woman at a bar and he is too young for that anyways. If you want to meet nice girls, you can pick places such as libraries, cafes, thru friends and family friends, his work place.

All you need to do is be confident and approach. If you don't try you might miss out. You never know she might have been looking for someone too. Unless you try you will never know.

There are a lot of girls out there looking for sex, relationship and love. Their waiting for you to approach, so don't keep them waiting. Also, should you be rejected by a girl, don't make it the end of the world. Ask her where you went wrong and improve on it. You can also ask her to introduce you to some of her friends if she's not interested in you.
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Locker room hehehe, that was a good one Celtic Girl .A good place to start in on line dating service. You can find ladies from your own town with ads posted and most are nice people. You have to join to start a chat but it may be a good place to start.
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It depends on his age of course...

The mall is full of girls....Nightclubs are full of girls.... Gyms.... Cafes... Book stores/ libraries.... The beach...."locker rooms" that was a joke... : )
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Lol. Well where is the best, because I know when I'm shopping at the mall i get annoyed when a guy comes over and interrupts. And the gym may not be good either. Starbucks maybe? Any other suggestions? He's 19
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19? Yes starbucks might be a good place to meet or under 21 nightclubs. It really depends on what type of girl or relationship he is looking for. Girls are everywhere, but the "right" girl is not ; )
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We need more info does he like nice or naughty, straight or bi, young or older is there a size specification? More details please.
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He said as long as she's laid back and has a good head on her shoulders its whatever as long as she takes care of herself, makes herself look decent.
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If he is into the church thing, church functions are an excellent place to meet a nice young lady i just wouldn't plan on scoring right off the bat
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