Why Do Guys Play Mind Games?


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It is not only guys that play mind games. Both genders use mind games both in and out of relationships.

The term mind games can fall into three main categories:

One is a largely conscious struggle for psychological one-upmanship, often employing passive-aggressive behavior to specifically demoralize or empower the other which makes the aggressor look superior. This can be known as mind games or power games.

Another way is the unconscious games played by innocent people engaged in duplex transactions of which they are not fully aware, and which form the most important aspect of social life all over the world theses are known in the psychological field as transactional analysis, and in the Karpman drama triangle.

Another form of mind game, however it is presumed that it is not the sort that the question is asking about, are mental exercises designed to improve the functioning of mind and/or personality.

In relationships, generally women tend use the term mind games to refer to the ways their partners undermine their confidence in their own perceptions. For example, Jack may act upon Jill in many ways. He may invalidate her experience, invalidate not only the significance, modality, and content, but her very capacity to remember at all, and make her feel guilty for doing so and using this to make a with bargain her for something he wants. Such abusive mind games may extend to discounting, denial of the victim's reality, diverting, trivializing, undermining, threatening, and most dangerously anger.

It is clear however that verbal persuasion is truly an equal-opportunity behavior open to both sexes. This may be done unintentionally as a by-product of each person's self-deception. For example, it is impossible for someone to maintain a false picture of themselves unless they falsify the picture of someone else. With straight talk at one end of a scale, at the other end of a theoretical scale, conversations can be characterized by the presence of numerous disclaimed, contradictory, and paradoxical implications.
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Guys play with girls' emotions for the same reasons girls play with guys' emotions: To boost self esteem and to gain selfish amusement. This guy may only be flirting with you to see how you will react. If you don't have any feelings for him then don't even pay him any mind. If you think you may be interested just wait around and observe his movements, but don't make any moves yourself. Don't be rude but definitely don't go out of your way. Guys are always children in their minds, if you want to deal with them you have to learn to play their games. Good luck, and do have fun. If you'll get stressed then it's not worth it.
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Some men like to toy with girls feelings to make them look like the big man in front of their friends, the trick is to view him as the little boy he is and don't honour him with your attentions. Be strong because he will try to worm his way back in but think about how the behaviour makes you feel right now.
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Being a guy myself I will agree completely with the 3 women before me.  I will say it now that I am sorry that this is something I have personally done.  It is a sort of power struggle and is extremely childish to do.  We test the boundaries of what we can get away with and what reactions we receive only to sometimes let the opposite sex believe they are getting somewhere.  Ignoring him may be the best bet because sooner or later it leads to desperation and then just giving up (if he knows what's good for him).  Although, if you have rue emotion.an actual interest in him I would ask him why he does these things and tell him how it makes you feel.  So may you find answers in you search for his t
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Guys like that have a low self esteem and don't feel important on their own. So having girls fall in love with them and craving for their attention is what makes them feel wanted and important. They do have problems that need a real solution. Pitty them when you come across one..
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I would just ignore him he seems to use any attention he gets in a self absorbed way and it is doing harm to you emotionally... Treat him like an annoying pestering kid and don't give him attention until he acts his age and respects your feelings.
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Guys like to feel like they're in control of you , and your emotions. So they test you so as to see the results of the tricks they play on us poor women.
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You basically, its a competition to see who lets their feelings out first. No one wants to be the first.
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It's not only men that do this. It's an insecurity thing. Guys want to feel in control, if the woman they are with seems to be a little more in control, they get stupid.
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For the same reason as women do it is a power play in most instances. The harder one is to attain some considered the more valuable the prize. In reality it is more likely to be that to like someone and be rejected is emotionally difficult. So it is more of a defense mechanism to protect one from hurt.
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That's a pretty general. I don't play mind games, and I'm a guy. I think a better question would be "why does ANYONE play mind games?" I personally think we should just be honest with everyone.
Anyway, to the actual question. You see, Mind Games for most guys are just for fun. Most people that do this are just jerks, so avoid them. There are some nice guys that play mind games just to try to get you to like them better. All in all, just try to get an honest person. They are the best, even if the stuff they do is bad, they are man enough to admit it.
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The reason why guys play mind games is because they want to c how many girls they can get too fall for them and once they have about 5 or maybe 6, they either try and get you in bed and once they bedded you they dump you... The guys have a competition 2 c how many girls they can get before a wk or maybe a month... Its stuip... Xxx
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Well thats true for some guys. However, not all are like that. That is a very sexist comment right there. I would never do such a thing, because it goes against what I see to be right. However there are guys that do that, agreed. Yes, its stupid, but I just thought i would make sure that I point out that NOT all guys do that.
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First of all, young men don't know how to deal with emotional closeness with a girl, Second, all too often they are raised by a father that never shows them emotional closeness, Third, they get all their information from watching the crap that is on TV. Young men rarely ever get taught how to be close, instead they are taught on how they should have sex with every girl they want. So, when they really want to commit to a girl, they don't know how.
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Ace is the high card in a deck of playing cards. In a game of poker, some cards are dealt face side down (the hole). Nobody at the table can see what that persons card is because it is hidden, so the meaning is, a guy has another girl hidden from view.
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Actually, I'm a woman so I'm going to be bias but I don't even think I am.  MEN DO PLAY GAMES.  They are childish and not as mature as women.  Its horrible cause most women just want to tell the truth, live life, do their daily routine, come home enjoy their family and get up and do it all over again, MEN on the other hand seem to have a hidden agenda behind anything they do!  Its really horrible!  If only men can think like us, this world would be such a better place!
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Yes, men play mind games. But women do it just as much. Why is it that you don't tell a guy that you like him? Probably because you don't know they feel the same way, and you don't know how it will end. These games are 'played' because no one knows just how these things will turn out, and they don't want to be the first to confess there feelings. Neither gender(im saying this as a guy), is worse. However, some 'men' do use people, which could be interpreted as 'playing games' but both genders do
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Ace refers to a figurative playing card of power. "Games" isn't referring to Halo 3, it's referring to mind games. Its saying if he has all four aces, he will try and use you to "get the most points."

This article is not only confusing and vague, but broken down is not very helpful. If you want a guide to approaching guys who play video games, why it isn't bad, and why they may ignore you, go here: gamervision.com/gamer/genesisofnintendo/blog/article/retaining_the_gamer_in_young_adulthood

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With few exceptions guys are not doing anything the girls are not doing. Its a mad mad world out there and everybody is just trying to get what makes them happy anyway they can
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Some times guyes do like that person, But the ACE in the hold means that even though he likes you he will yet keep his opions open because doesn't know if you like him that way.
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It really depends on the guy. Some guys are creeps who play games just to get women in bed. Others are playing games in order to get a fill for the woman. Get an idea rather it is a good time to approach, rather they are seen as dating material without making the situation awkward nor anyone getting hurt. Other times, you are just reading into something that is not there. Everyone is different so it depends on what type of guy he is. Also, don't think guys are the only ones who play mind games, both genders are equally guilty of playing mind games.
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What kind of guys are meeting ? You seem to have a lot of ishus with a lot of Guys. I think its just you.. Maybe these guys are scared of you. Thinking your Going to hurt their felling,s or something.   Take care..
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It's not a matter of gender its a matter of time you should read a guys mind first and if suppose he is disturbed with some other matter you have to guide him boys are easy to read than girls
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That is a question we will ask ourselves forever, I think some guys can't even answer that question. Sometimes, guys don't know what they want.
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Because there childish and young or they been hurt before amd doesn't want to get hurt again
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Of course they like it with the girls they like.  And girls like doing it with the guys they like, too.
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Cause  they  think  life  is  a  game  the same reason  women do the same , no way its all wrong  to  do 
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Trust me that happens from both genders and I think the reason is they are trying to feel the person out without getting their feelings hurt or hurting someone elses feelings...the best to you....

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