How To Play With A Guy's Feelings When He's Playing Games With You?


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I am guessing by playing games we don't mean a board game or anything like this. If a guy is playing games with you and your feelings and maybe even your heart it is understandable that you would want to get revenge somehow. First of all though, if you are with a guy that is playing games with you then why are you still with him? Surely you deserve better than a guy who may be playing mind games or whatever games with you.

  • Bring out the green eyed monster
However, if you really do want to play with a guy's feelings to get back at him then the best thing to do is make him jealous. If he gets angry when he sees guys looking at you or when he sees you talking to other guys then he obviously has the green eyed monster of jealousy. Play on this, flirt with guys, make it openly obvious that you would prefer to talk to other guys then him when you are in his company.

  • Make him wait
Alternatively, you could set a date at a restaurant and then stand him up. This will most likely hurt his ego and pride. Just imagine him sitting in a restaurant on his own waiting for you to turn up whilst other couples are eating and chatting. Don't choose a pub though because that may not work as there will most likely be other girls in the bar who he may start chatting up so it's best to choose a restaurant in the evening.

  • If all else fails...
Otherwise, just think of things he doesn't like whether its being alone, being turned down or anything else and play on these things. But, if it was me and he's playing games? I would leave him for someone who is better and who I deserve.
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It is hard to understand the question. It would be easier if we had details as to what you mean by "mind games" and if "the guy" is your ex, or this guy that likes you that you don't, or this guy you like. If you could inform us of that, then it would help get a better answer.
(Not a moderator, just trying to help.)
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A guy that I like
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Lol, I only know how to play dota 2. I'm sorry that I'm not so romantic. But it's better than having a relationship. Play dota, get skins and sell them on the site to receive money. It's much better than playing with the feelings of someone out there. Don't waste your life on nonsense.

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you don't ,thats lowering yourself to someone Else's standards. Don't let his games get to you,if you can't stand his behaviour any longer ,tell him to "do one" as my misses says.
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Playing games is nothing but a bad mess. Why lower yourself that way. If someone is playing games, do not indulge them, the more they get to you the more they enjoy it. And if you start same, just going to make things worse. Best to walk away

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