How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend/fiancee Is Playing Mind Games With You?


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I agree with the three sentences in the first paragraph that Matt sent.
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If he do not care about you and refuse to communicate with you,he may play mind games with you.
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There are many signs. Watch out for them putting you down, twisting your words back onto you, shifting the power so that they always win an argument.
Will never back down or apologise. Will sometimes resort to physical violence and then later apologise for it, claiming that they love you so much and they didn't mean it. They have a way of manipulating things so that they play on your love for them.
A classic example, a guy I know was trying to be intimate with his gf. She went crazy after a while and slapped him. They had a huge argument. He was reduced to tears (as he had planned to marry this woman but the constant mind games had worn him down). There was no respect. First she laughed at him, then she wanted to be left on her own, then said she felt so bad for being such a b****. Finally, she apologised and hugged him. He was left bewildered and confused. The next day she kept being nice to him but after they went to their jobs and he phoned her to let her know the good news about the new contract he just signed for a part time job on the side (they were saving hard for a marriage), she phoned back to laugh at him about last night and say that he sounded like a baby and made crying noises. Completely mocked him. Well, he's fuming and about to explode on her when he gets home tonight.
Oh and it gets worse. I had a gf for a very short time that started trying to use sex as a form of manipulation. I gave her great O's and she would say something to ruin the mood and use that as a reason not to 'use energy on me'... Needless to say it took threatening to look outside the relationship for fulfillment for things to change and her to reciprocate.
I don't know about controlling men, but I can tell you lots more stories about manipulative women. They make your life hell right up to the day you leave them. Some will even go psycho. They are weird because they will defend you, make you feel good and then stab you in the gut when you are on a high. Your life becomes a rollercoaster ride. The result is unbridled anger, anxiety, hate, resentment, bitterness, happiness, craziness, uncertainty, certainty etc. Some women get off on pushing people's buttons. Watch out for them!

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