How Do You Tell If A Guy Likes You?


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You can completely tell if a guy likes you! Here's how: Look at him and talk with him. If he talks to you when you walk together, that's a sign. Another sign is if you see him staring at you in the middle of something. The last way to see if a boy likes you is if he's always messing around with you or  if he acts all funny around you. If none of this works talk to him and find out yourself. You'll find the answer either way. Also  if you don't like him,  try to give him signs by ignoring him, not talking to him, or just telling him straight up that you don't like him and your sorry. Also, to make sure he doesn't feel bad, try setting him up with another girl. See if he likes someone you know.
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If you do not like this guy and you want him to get the message just ignore him don't flirt and smile at him a lot just ignore him he will get the point that you do not like him.
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Well, you could ask him if he likes you in a note but don't sign it so he doesn't know who it is. Then if he does tell him that your not interested in him in a note or in person but before you do this get to know him. Maybe if you get to know him you'll find out that you like him and if you tell him you don't like him then he might move on when you start to like him.
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thanks for the answer but if i send him a note how will he know who the note is from so therefore if he likes me or not?
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too complicated! if you don't like him just leave him alone. He's obviously not exactly pestering you, so what are you worrying about? If you start paying him loads of attention, he will get the wrong idea and think you like him, which would be very unkind of you, so don't be rude, don't be unkind, just treat him the same as you would treat anyone you don't really know.
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First of all get his number and send one sms to him which indirectly says u like him. If he really likes u, u will get an immediate response."ALL D BEST"
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i do not think you should get this guys number and tell him you like him if you do not. All that is going to do is make him think you do like him.Which in a way is leading him on. Then he will think he has a chance in dating you.

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