How Do You Tell Your Gay Guy-friend That You Like Him More Than A Friend?


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Anonymous answered know what. I'm in the same situation.. And I'm sorry to tell you....unless they are wont work out. Gays are gay and thats about it..and ive told this guy of mine I liked him and nothing happened...we just drifted apart. But let me tell you this..don't try telling him...I know its hard. Cause it really is .. I know. But you just need to stay friends with him cause it will never work. But being his friend is better than nothing? Good luck.
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You should just tell him how you feel about him and see how he reacts because he might start feeling the same way about you
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Erica Dane answered
Play it cool slowly express yourself and see if he responds in a positive way if he does thats it you tell him all and see how things are. I have a friend that had your problem and I gave her the same advice along with don't try to change him just position yourself in his life. Because if you try to change him he will revolt and back down if you express you will accept his way as long as he feels you too then you got it good. Its a psych thing you have to accept and work at it before you try to mold it remember this when you try ok, and don't follow the blunt route it causes an awkward up rift in the relationship and even friendship becomes strained.
Just tell him! What could happen!
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If you're a girl, forget it. It won't work out. If you're a boy, send him some roses and expensive chocolate from "anonymous" and go by his reaction.
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Gay guy friend? Uhh, I'm sorry if you're a girl.. It won't work out. If you're a guy, I'm sorry, but I'm not in support of you guys.

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