How Yo Make A Girl Like You More Than A Friend?


3 Answers

gia yay Profile
gia yay answered
If you like your friend you should talk to her close friend and ask if she like anyone but to keep it a secret and give her little hint but like try to spend more time hanging out do what both of you guys like and invite some friends so she won't be feel weird or if you get a gut feeling she likes you but won't say anything about it just keep it cool with her and try asking her out on her birthday hope it helps.
Ambreen Misbah Profile
Ambreen Misbah answered
Ask her out on a date. That would create the atmosphere and she will figure out how you feel. If she has any feelings for you, she will most likely let you know, either through a gesture or openly.
Willow Eve Profile
Willow Eve answered
Lisen what I would do is talk to her get her to like you more and if it doesnt work out it doesnt work out 2 bad deal with it I had 2 once with a boy youll fidn someone else

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