What is top signs a guy likes you more than a friend?


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He may hold your hand and touch your thigh.
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Beth Dewcross
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My crush and 4 of his friends took me driving around he held my hand and rubed my thigh this was our first time doing anything together
Beth Dewcross
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But could it be him trying to play me
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He will be very willing to spend more time with you than with a friend and try his best to make you feel happy.
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Beth Dewcross
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What if he plans to do tthings with you but it takes a long time for him to follow through with it?? He has a lot of things going on during weekends but usually weekdays we are both free and he knows this
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*He will tell you
*His friends will act nice around you, and sometimes tease him about you two
*He will say other boys are gay/stupid
*He will try to impress you
*He will blush when he's around you, or will fidget a lot
*If he seems to always be in the same place as you he could like you
*He will playfully tease/flirt with you
*He might joke about you and him dating
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Guys aren't very complicated to read haha when he likes you you'll know.
He'll drop little hints about how his friends bailed on a movie night or something like that and he has no one to go with. He'll be a bit more touchy, maybe something simple like touching your cheek when you blush about something, maybe start hugging you a lot more (running up behind you and surprising you with a hug is a good sign), he'll start hanging back with you when you're with a group of people.
Basically, if he starts orientating himself around YOU more often than usual, he's interested. Be direct, ask him. Guys like girls who are up front

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