How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You? What Are The Signs To Look For?


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Yea, eye contacts are important. And there was a question just like yours, I answered that one, and I'm just copying that answer here, I hope it help:
so, good question, there are so many signs, the first one and the biggest one is the looking, if he looks at you, so much, it means he likes you, it has two different kinds, 1- if he looks at your Eyes all the time, it means he Really Like you and its not about sex or anything related to Sexual feelings, 2- if he looks at your body, I mean all the body, not only one part, for example your breasts., it means he's willing to stay a night with you, they'll call you "She's Hot" or "She's a Good one-night girl friend". So the second kind isn't good imo.
and other signs, like he stands at your way, like he's waiting for something, I mean a lot of times, like everyday or every week. It means he's willing to talk to you, or only see you, because he's madly in Love with you. If he walks around you a lot, so he likes you. If he changes his clothes for every time you see him, so it means he wants to impress you, and it means he likes you..... And so many other signs. And all of these sings means he's Shy for start talking and stuffs like that. I knew them because I'm a boy at first and I'm in Love of a girl, which I havent even start talking with her, thats because I'm Shy about start talking with her, and .... Yea. I hope it helped :)
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Wanting to be near you with lots of direct eye contact. Smile at him - if he smiles back it is a start. Let him be a good friend to you before you think of dating. If you go out in a small group it is far easier to see how he treats other people.
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Well you look for the way he smiles at you ,how much he talks to you,and of course if he makes you laugh alot then he likes you espeacilly if he smiles and looks at you alot..
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Yeah, eye contact, smiling, flirting and other things like that.
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1. Flirting.
2:making jokes

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