What Does It Mean If A Guy Says He Likes Your Personality?


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It's hard to tell exactly what a guy means when he says he likes your personality - guys are complicated like that!

Here are three things that the phrase, 'I like your personality' can mean:

What does it mean if a guy 'likes your personality'?
To be honest, most words that guys say mean very little - it's the way that they say them that really gives away what they're thinking.

  • When a guy 'likes' your personality, it's not always a compliment!
If you've just asked a guy what he thinks of the way you look, and he says: 'Well, I like your personality...' what he's actually saying is: 'I'd never consider dating you because of your physical appearance, no matter how beautiful you are inside.'
  • On the other hand, a guy liking your personality can mean exactly the opposite!
When guys talk about a girl's body, they'll often use euphemisms to appear slightly less crude. It might sound slightly childish, but some guys even refer to a girl's breasts as her 'personality'.

  • Finally, a guy might use the line, 'I like your personality' to charm a girl.
Guys know that girls are fed up of being treated like objects, and so nowadays they make an effort to compliment things like a girl's eyes or her personality so as not to appear superficial or shallow.

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