Is It More Difficult Being A Teen Today Than It Was 50 Years Ago?


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I was  a teenager in the 90s and I think it is tougher now than it was then.  The most my parents ever worried about was if I was smokin pot or  Now there are so many more drugs, kids having kids so much younger, kids are just growing up too fast now.  I blame some of it on parents because its almost like the kids are becoming the parents and the parents the children.  My daughter is 14, she is in JROTC, already in drivers ed, and I worry everyday what she is coming in contact with at school.  My now 17 y/o nephew went with us to her orientation at school and was walking through the halls pointing out people saying he sells crack, he does meth, etc...  That scared me to death.. But we are open with my daughter and let her know that she can come to us for anything.  So far she is doing great.
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Yes, most definitely! Today teens are mostly affected by technology. Ipods, computers, televison. And not only that but weight loss is another; teens are highly affected by what they see in magazines or commercials. Because, of the distorted body images companys put into adocelescant minds. Like thin is in, so everyone has to be thin. Not only, that but Smoking companies and Fast Food chains target youth. Fast food because, realize it or not but fast food is very addicting; the more you have, the more you want. And tobacco companies because cigarettes like apple, cherry, chocolate flavors?!? Are adults really going to enjoy these flavors? Nope. So, yes, from back then teenagers have it much, much harder.
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I was a teenager in the early '60's. Now I have children in their 20's and they talk about the Good Old Days and miss them. When I talk about the Gold Old day's I'm talking about real ice cream made with real cream and a large scoop that cost 3 cents or 2 scoops that cost 5 cents. I miss those days more than anyone will ever know.
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It  was  rough  being  a  teenager  when I  was   a  teen  in
the   years  of   1980-86

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