How Old Do You Have To Be To Have A Boyfriend/girlfriend?


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Nicole...:( answered
*giggles* You can be any age,but it also depends on your beliefs and your parents.6 year olds can have a boyfriend/girlfriend but serious boyfriend/girlfriend stuff is around 13. Hope this helped!
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Angie Bumtick answered
As long as your parents are okay with it then any age just be sure not to rush into it. And even if your parents are okay with it id wait until you were at least 10 because then you might be able to share a kiss with them but nothing more.
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Well, it depends if you think your ready for a relationship..&& what kind
of relationships are you looking for especially..Like if your still very young
you can have a bf/gf too but if you wanted a serious relationship then it's best
if you wait till you think that your ready..So it doesn't really matter...
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Michaela beney answered
I'd say 16 years old at the youngest seeing as you're more mature at that age any younger than 16 could cause unwanted problems but yeah it's up to you just follow your heart, hope this helps.
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Luna Valentine answered
You have to be mature to have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Of course you can have a GF/BF if your 15 or something. If you're a kid who's 11 year's old, no. You're still young. Parents don't approve that their child should have a relationship in the age of 11.
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To have a boyfriend you have to be mature and love him a lot of at least like him a lot so you wont hurt him:) but they always end up hurting you so don't worry you'll find a great guy my love:)
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I reckon you can be any age. But a real relationship begins when you are about 13 years old.
By the way I'am 11 and I don't have girlfriend yet:(
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I thank you sh-oude be at least a bout 18 yease old to have a real boyfriend.
I am 13 years old and I have one in 8th grade.
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You are all dumb. Be at least 13, to "date". If you want a REAL relationship, wait until you or your bf/gf can drive and actually go on dates without mommy and daddy.
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I'm 11 and therez this really cute kid on my brothers baseball team named " Joe".
I only see him at practices and games but I really like him! :(
Oh yea one more thing: He doesnt even know I exist!
Well he may  know I exist a tiny bit but weve never had a conversation. :(

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