My Boyfriend Of 19 Months Has And Keeps Leaving, Abandoning Me If I Don't Act A Certain Way, Or If I Try To Talk To Him. Then He Comes Back. I've Caught Him Lying, What Should I Do?


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    This first part sounds bad but please bear with me and read the whole reply. He has done this to you and you made the mistake of not sticking up for yourself. You only need one person to accomplish anything life throws at you and that is the person you see in the mirror. No person of either gender should treat a person this way and no one should tolerate it. I could understand if he walked away to prevent physical fights but this person sounds VERY IMMATURE. There are a billion GOOD MEN in the world who would treat you right. This boy never will. Dump him and your life will be much healthier. Communication is the key to building great relationships not sex. Sex helps but that is putting the cart before the horse so to speak. Never let anyone make you feel you aren't important also.
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Please treat yourself better than that. Your partner is suppose to accept who you are, unless if you're acting careless and selfishly but that's up to you. This is an unhealthy relationship and you know it is. Stop contacting him and leave him. You go find your own car and take care of your own home. This guy doesn't seem stable and you shouldn't have to deal with a person like this. Stop the abuse, stop the lies and start a healthy life. Take care.
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If he isn't giving you what you want out of the relationship then dump him its easy. Get with someone that treats you the way you want all of the time.
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Umm...this is a tough one. I think you should talk to him about this and if that doesn't work then leave him. You deserve much better.

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