How Can I Talk To A Guy When Were Both Shy? How Can I Start Off A Great Conversation With Him?


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Just say "hi (his name)" then talk about something relevant
like I would say to my crush.
Hi how did you go at cross country yesterday
or anything you have done or he has done
praise him on something good or if he has a new haircut thats a good oppurtunity
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Just be yourself. Talk to him say hi and ask him what he is in to start their then it will go from their. Find out what he is interested in and talk about that and see if you have anything in common. Don't worry don't make it bigger than what it is. You will be fine
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Talk about random things so it doesnt seem like your flirting to him, like you cud talk about shoes, or ... Cars.. Or whatever hes interested in. Don't talk about you or your family or what you did talk about things that are not related to you  , coz its make people think your flirting, which is not good... :) hope that helped !
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Start by saying Hi but first find out some of his likes and dislikes and use those to your benefit and they will open him up
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Find out what he,s interested in (hobbies) maybe? Then do some research . Mite break the ice
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Start by saying hi if he says hi back & doesnt walk away first say whats up. It almost always works

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