Why Do Guys Ignore The Girl After Having Had A Great Conversation?


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Well I am a guy and here goes. Most guys are intimidated by a girl who can hold a good conversation for a good amount of time, or at least that's what everyone thinks! We are not intimidated we are usually more turned on then anything. The reason SOME guys don't show up again is because they fear that they have already given you their best shot and they feel they have failed...we men have bad reputations and we are always made the bad guy...but you ladies have to give us a sign let us know your interested in us and ensure us that you don think we are just trying to get in your pants because that's important to us because we have this stigma that we are pigs and consequently wen we have a good conversation with a girl we fear they assume its because we want in their pants...you ladies should just encourage us a little more...let us no that you believe we are genuine...that what I got so I hope it helps and I'm a guy (the first to answer) so it came from a guy. Please rate (specially the ladies)
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Hes def trying to seem cool doesn't front of his friends, or truth is he likes you and just doesn't want to get rejected so he acts non verbally so that he's less humiliated and he walks away because he feels rejected and is shy and doesn't know what to do but really wants you so he keeps coming back
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That cat & mouse game gets tired and old when you're near 30...
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I think that guys (being a guy my self) are only scared of a good long conversation because after we start to get familiar with a great girl we tend to get more relaxed an say things we wouldnt normally say and then we tend to mess things up with a wrong sentence but thats just what I think.
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The guy could be confused about his feelings, and it is totally normal for teenagers especially.
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Yes that is perfectly normal behavior for a teenage guy. They are often confused about their feelings, and don't want to be rejected...*p
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Some guys ignore on purpose to give themselves importance and on the other hand some guys love to show the girl how interested they are
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Because you never made a move on him , most single men can't actually tell if there in with a girl and they wont make a move on her ,incase they get rejected
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The guy could be intimidated by the girl, and fears being rejected, perhaps. I have the same thing with a guy in my class. He stares at me all the time, but has only said about 11 things to me ever since I first met him, about 2 years ago... Teachers constantly make us sit by each other though.... Makes me wonder if they're rooting for us..... Lol.
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Hmm I am in the same situation. I'm the girl and the guy is doing this to me... We're mates.. He runs a cafe so I see him daily.. He's started to ignore me this week. I know he likes me. But is not even making small talk.. So yes.. I think it's my turn to step the game up!
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Okay why is everyone anonymous....but ye it depends on the age....at a young age nah I used to just be an attention seeker to them (year 3 kinda thing) but you learn that you want to impress them...but to answer your question...nah they normally want to be around you and get your attention...he'll smile at you and probably laugh at your jokes/go out of his way to go with you =) good luck =)
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I am not a guy  but I think I undersatand you and I will tell you what I think I think guys love the weak , romantic and sad girls not the strong and good ones I am sure not talking about all guys but iam tell you about the kind you asked about, this kind not really great or good even if he show you any thing about him but inside his own mined need some one less than him to feel safe and great
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Well its not normal to like always ignore her. But look if you want to get her really into you. You have to show you care for her, talk with her, be romanic (just don't over do it), laugh at her jokes even if not funny, make her laugh, once she's confortable like that BOOM you ignore her. Man she will be right in you feet! ;)
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I think that the guy was not interested in a relationship with this girl which is why he ignored her,but was interested in something else which is why he came back.     
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They are so afraid of clever girls!! Sometimes it's important for them to show that they can be more clever and stronger than we (girls) are.
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Yes, guys ignore girls to see how the girls feels but than the girl feels rejected when a guy does that so it is  a turn off, but to guys he wants it to be a turn on. Girls, just talk to him first and maybe he will start a conversation with you.
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I'll have to agree with Justness...I'm going through that as we speak but I am not wasting my time waiting or begging~ Moving on, moving on...
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No if you ignore her she will give up and leave you alone.if you want her laugh at her jokes and act like yourself and hang around shes yours
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Do not be too outgoing and forward because you will scare the girl off. Start off with little comments like hey and you will see that it will soon progress :)
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Yes I think if you have a valid reason to yourself...for example you don't want to let that girl know that you have a feelings for her...
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I wouldnt  say its normal to ignore her but a lot of boys like to tease the girl her likes,. Thats how a lot of my guy friends flirt with girls, . Especially me.. :P lol,
Well yeah I'd say so, if he's trying to play hard to get. But if he ignores her completely, I don't think think he really likes her... XD
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Okay, just to put it out there, there's a difference between ignoring and not knowing someone exists.

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