How Can I Have A Conversation With A Girl I Like, Without Talking About The Weather Or Other Completely-Random Things?


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Starting up a conversation with a girl you like can be awkward and embarrassing. There's nothing worse than talking to an attractive girl and finding yourself mumbling on about the weather or other seemingly pointless things.
The key to starting up a good conversation is to find common ground, ask lots of questions and keep calm and cool.

How to talk to girls

The first thing you can do before you even approach the girl you like is to decide on a few topics that you're both likely to be interested in.

Try to pick subjects that are relevant to both your lives. Asking a girl what she thought of Sidney Crosby's performance against Colorado when she has no interest in hockey is obviously a no-go.

But there are other things you should watch out for too:

  • Don't ask too many 'yes or no' questions. They will interrupt the flow of conversation.
  • Don't bring up topics that might make her feel awkward or uncomfortable.
  • Don't give short answers, always explain yourself in detail.
Avoiding these three pitfalls will help get the conversation going.

How to have an interesting conversation with a girl

Asking questions is important for maintaining an interaction. Before she's even answered your first question, start thinking about two or three more questions you could ask her next.

Another trick to keeping her talking is being attentive. An inattentive listener kills the conversation quickly. The second that your eyes start to gaze around the room or your eyes start to glaze over, you send a signal to her that what she has to say is boring and unimportant.

This brings me to my final tip:

Eye contact and body language.
Maintaining eye contact and giving a girl verbal and physical cues while listening to her is good. Physical cues may include nodding your head, smiling, and mimicking her posture and gestures (a sign that you're listening to her).
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Tell her she has nice eyes..and start it with "do you wear contact lenses?"
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Think about something that the both of you'll find interesting and draw from that. There are plenty of things to talk about besides the weather, here are some examples....TV Shows, school, sports, favorite colors, movies, clothes, etc....

You're having problem finding things to talk about because you're nervous..If you stop being nervous and be yourself around her, it'll get easier....

Try something like...So, what are your hobbies? What's your favorite movie? Favorite food? Something of that sort.

You can do it. Good luck!
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Got any brothers or sisters? Usually a safe topic of conversation is asking about siblings (don't ask her if she's got cute sisters).

Again, asking about parents could back-fire if they experienced a divorce or separation, especially at a young age. But sisters and brothers usually trigger good feelings and score points for you since you're showing a caring side and an interest in her family life.

Thank you
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Why is it you like her? Talk about whatever it is that draws you to her.

The most infurriating thing is people talking for the sake of talking, for example asking, "how are you? What did you do today?", as it shows that they only like your appearance.

If you like her opinions or the way she expresses herself, talk about that. If you share musical interests or other hobbies, talk about that.
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If you try to stop worrying about what to say to her you will probably be able to speak to her easily.

It's good to take a real interest in someone and ask her to tell you about herself. Girls do like to think that they are interesting and it's a compliment to someone to show an interest.

If this girl gets the chance to do a lot of the talking, you can gauge what she's interested in and bring the conversation around to the topics that interest her. If you aren't an expert on any of the things she talks about ask her to tell you more, she'll take that as a compliment too.

Don't feel under pressure to make all the conversational moves, ask has she any hobbies or what sort of music she likes and try to get her to do most of the talking at first.
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Ask her a question about herself or compliment something about her. Even say something about what's going on around you. You know, small talk.
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I suppose you can tell her what a beautiful dress she is wearing without being accused of sexual harassment. That would be a good ice-breaker.
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Watch what she does then talk about the things that she is interested in. Then you relate those things to what your like and before you know it you're having a great conversation..

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