I like this guy in my class and I don't know if he likes me back. Mostly he starts a conversation with me or laughs at my jokes. But other times he can be a bit "not in the mood" type thing. He is usually ok and I really like him. what should I do?


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Hey there :)  these kinda things are frustrating , whether your crush likes you or not? , many people act different personally towards their crush , some try to hide it , some try to be more obvious about it 'flirty' , some are casual about it . So I'm not surprised if your confused about his actions . I think that when we have a crush on someone we observe them more to see if we like them , even unknowingly .

But those two signals can mean  two different things , either hes normally like that or he likes you or is taking interest in you  , but these things are actually quite casual as well, if a guy is confident he will probably start the confident , he may also start the conversation on the other hand to find a way to talk to you , or even he just finds you interesting to talk to , the other one , laughing at your jokes this is a good sign not always one of the big signs that your crush likes you , but it probably means he finds you genuinely funny and probably wants you to continue talking . Sometimes if hes in an off mood he has probably just had a bad day or isn't feeling like talking. I suggest you continue talking to him . Maybe try a tiny bit of flirting that isnt full on flirting maybe like a bit of body contact as in if he says a joke or when hes in a bad mood just say 'are you alright?'' put hand gently on his shoulder . Compliment him at times , tiny comments like , your hair looks great today etc. Can really cheer him up . Don't act too nice , or show him that you've friendzoned him , seem interested but honest and important be yourself :) good luck

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