Is This Right That A Wolf's Life Is More Important Than A Child's Life?


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I would not tolerate any animal harming my child! When my older daughter was about 1&1/2, she'd been bitten in the cheek by one, and the owner took care of it after my husband scolded it, and was attacked himself. I don't think it's right to make someone suffer an attack, and yes, I would take the fine and the time to protect my child. Activists seem to go in blindly, like Timothy Treadwell did.
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Pat Merrifield
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Timothy Treadwell's driveway didn't go all the way to his garage. My dear wife loves me but if I tried to put her in harm's way as he did his girlfriend am afraid she'd have me committed very quickly and with little fanfare.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I heard the tape on the news that was recorded during the attack. They figured in the chaos that was happening, that they turned on the recorder. I was terrible! It was only ever played once. He was a 12 pack shy of a 6 pack I think.
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If this is true, I am sure you could fight the charges and most certainly win. Since were on the subject. Did you know that if a wolf's pup (or w/e there called when there young) dies, the mother will eat it....Kind of random but has the word wolf in it so I thought I would share.
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In Idaho even before they recently lost federal protection a farmer could shoot them if they were attacking his livestock. He had to notify the fish and game within a certain length of time after the happening to allow them to investigate. Would like to find the name of the lawmaker who proposed such ridiculous legislation if it does exist.
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I checked out that wolf crossing page, and didn't see anything about not being able to defend yourself from a wolf, though I didn't read everything.  But if you or someone else is being attacked by an animal or person, you have every right to defend yourself with whatever means necessary.  If your state were to have a law contrary to that, it would be easily overturned by a court of law, or the supreme court if it got to that point.  I have even known of cases were endangered animals were put down in order to prevent people from having to get rabies shots. 
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I don't have any kids, but I know how protective my parents are. "Who cares about the jail and fine and things like that? As long as my darlings are safe, then I am glad to be in jail." That is what they would say. And I am proud of them.
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I find this a little bit hard to believe, I don't think a jury anywhere would consider defending a child from a predator to be an unlawful act. I believe that there are fines for shooting a wolf, even on your own property, but in the case where a wolf is threatening, or running down a child, any reasonable person would take action to defend the child. People have a way of ' what iffing' unpopular regulations, to make them look, even more ridiculous, if it interferes with their own personal agenda. I remember when the civil rights laws were going down, and people rephrased the laws to include raping white women, as part of the threat of allowing these laws to be passed. I will go to the website you list, and read what they have, but it sounds like an interpretation issue!
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Penny Kay
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I found plenty of iffy, information, mostly on human and wolf behavior, which is indeed imlamatory. I can tell you stories of cayote's killing dogs in the midwest, and children who have been killed or maimed by 'dogs' all over the U.S.A. I think FEAR is the cuprit here.
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I'm pretty sure your info is wrong. If anything is attacking you or any other human you have the right to defend yourself or the other human.
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you can go to this website and read what the ranchers are putting up with or check out this documentry
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No Animal is more important than a child! I would definitely be locked up.
I just wonder what these Activist would do if it were their child 

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