School Life Is More Important Than Family Life For Teenagers. What Are The Points For The Affirmative Side Of This Question?


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School life is definitely more important than family life for teenagers. There are several points to support this premise. The first and the most important is that school life is the time when a youngster, fresh into life, learns the different things required to succeed in life. School life is the time where the foundations for a good life, a great career, and success are laid.

It is at school that the teenager first learns the different experiences that will go into molding his personality, and will also help shape him to be the man he will become at a later stage. School is where he would learn the importance and value of education. He may not appreciate these things at that point, but they will certainly go a long way in ensuring success in life as he grows up into a man. School is also the time when friendships are forged, and these are the friendships which, if nurtured carefully, he would come to treasure when he grows up.

A family is important, no doubt about that, for everyone. Be it a teenager or a kid or an adult, family life is important. However, the values that will help him succeed in life, the exams he will score meritoriously in and the certificates he will get, these are things that he will get only in school, not at home.
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A family comprises of a close-knit group of people who are commonly connected by birth, marriage or certain social relationships. The relationship may be the outcome of a domestic partnership, adoption, cohabitation or a common surname.

In many cultures, the family ties are recognized if they are accepted by the prevalent law and norms within the society. Although the common association is that of genetic link and blood, the understanding and security a family offers off springs are very essential in the growing years. Our society today is proof of the fact that loving care and tenderness and support are gifts of a family to the larger group. The members of the family provide intimacy, love and trust amidst the dehumanising forces active in the modern human environment.

A family provides the yet immature adult with the essential love and protection and warmth, tenderness and understanding that is unique to the unit. However, our youth are in dire need of protection in the face of the declining civil society values and the increased civil rights and protection from the state. In today's world, the family is actually fulfilling that which is vitally needed, but missing from other existent social arrangements. It is soon becoming a unit that is responsible for the quality turn-out in society.
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As a teen myself, school provides us a part away from home. At this age I feel so trapped at home and feel more stressed here than at school. I can be myself at school and when I'm at home we're all completely different.
School gives us a place to be.
Obviously school can also be hell and a lot of us don't want to be there, but we go any ways--Just because our friends are there.
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Because school is more harder and you can talk with your friends and not with mom and dad

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