Can You Be With Someone You Have Nothing In Common With?


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jasper rafols answered
Well, thats one factor you should consider,,
hmm, well,you could be with that someone, as long as you love him/her,, but only for the meantime,, as long as the love is still there,,
but, for me, i think, that relationship wont last,, obviously,, you cant stop pretending that you like what he likes,,, or something like that,,,

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Yes as long as you guys love each other
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For a relationship to work out in the long term you have to have something in common - or it has to be a paid job (and I would be looking for a different one!).
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Yes, but, at one point or another, I think that you would find a common ground and each like the same thing, sure does make for spice in a relationship too. Lol

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