Describe Your Husband Or Boyfriend And Why You Love Them So Much And What Made You Fall In Love With Him?


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While there have been many attempts in literature, on television and in movies to create an image of "the perfect man", in reality no such thing exists. The vast majority of women know that the perfect man - with his film-star good looks, intelligence, sense of humor, sensitivity and money - is an unattainable goal, and so are not looking for someone who fills every single criterion on a long list. So if you're a man looking for a check-list of characteristics which will make every woman fall to your feet, then think again!

Good looks may be important to some women, and they may help to spark an attraction between two people, but they are not necessary. Many people who enter a relationship based on what their partner looks like find that the relationship fails, because they have nothing in common, don't get on, or are simply not compatible.

It may be a cliché but all you can do to attract a partner is to be yourself. Girls and women are generally looking for someone who can make them laugh, are interested in what they have to say, and respect their opinions. For women, it's also nice to feel valued and appreciated by their partner, for the way they look and the things they do. It's good if you have things in common, but it's fine to disagree on other matters too, as life would be boring if everyone liked the same things! Plus, if you have some similar interests, and some different ones, you can introduce your partner to new and exciting things to keep the relationship fresh.

One thing that is definitely not appealing to women, though, is a man who is unsure of who he is and what he likes. If you try to change who you are to attract a partner, women will pick up on it immediately, and chances are, they'll walk away. Show a genuine interest, a genuine passion and a genuine character, and you'll be in the dating game in no time.
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My boyfriend is honestly as good as they come , I adore him!
No makeup , hair all over the place and sweats and he still looks at me and says I'm beautiful. He just happens to be the cuutest thing ever! He starts my morning off with a smile and ends my night the same way. Everytime I see him it's just like immediate butterflies. Although I already have him and he assures me everyday he's not going anywhere I still spend hours infront of the mirror to try and impress him. He knows everyy little detail about me , our eight months together have been spectacular I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING. I lovelovelove my boyfriend f&e
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My lover is gentle, kind, caring, funny, and he doesn't cal me hot or anything like that he calls me beautiful. And he says I'm beautiful no matter what I look like, he;s thinks I'm beautiful without my makeup on and he respects me and doesn't look or like any other girl and hes just an amazing guy. There's to much to say bout him I'm making this short.
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The guy I am dating is the perfect man! I know what your thinking but I'm not kidding when I say the Perfect Man. We meet at work, and he has always been this really shy guy. He doesn't just talk to any girl cause he thinks guys and girls being friends only makes trouble. At work though, he would go out of his way to talk to me and he is the sweetest guy ever. We talked as friends for about a year now and started dating about a month ago. I'm the only girl besides family in his life. We are eachothers best friend! I can't wait until a couple years til I will get to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. We are complete opposite personality wise but we have so much in common. I like him soo much and I thank God for bringing us together. :)
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Teenage love gone great! I fell in love with my boyfriend 4 years ago 1 year after I met him. We are only 21 but have been in a long distance relationship for 3 and a half years and our love has only gotte stronger...he is truly a sincere caring respectful person
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He is not my boyfriend or my husband but he is one of my friends.. And he is awesome. I started likeing him before he became my friend.. But this is why I like him SO much. Well looks-- he is absolutely adorable, he has dark brown hari that sticks up and it is sooo cute.. His smile is the most amazing thing ever, his whole entire face is so adorable.. He is tall, tan, and strong. Personality-- He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet, he is goofy, fun, and playful but can be serious, he can always make me smile, and we can just talk, like talk about anything.. I never feel like I am searching for something to talk about to him, like we always find something.. EVery single thing we does makes me laugh because it is so cute.. He is teh best person in the world, and is the only person that can make me feel better.. He compliments people when they doubt themselves.. He is not like one of those guys that will pretend they don't know you.. If he sees me even when he is with a friend we will call my name and wave to me.. He loves music and can play the guitar really well, and even though we don't listen to the same music, he has a really good ear for it.. He congratulates other people when they do well.. He is really nice to little kids and will play with them.. He is very athletic and is very driven and motivated and loves what he does.. He is the kind of person that makes you want to become a better person.. And I really wish someday we can be together, he says that I am a lot of fun, and I will hang out with him and his freinds.. But I want him to like me so bad.. And he has absolutely no flaws.. Like I can't find one.. But even if I could it wouldnt matter because I care about him so much.. Whenever he is happy I am happy and whenever I hear he is sick, hurt, or sad, I get really sad.. Like I know thats cause he is like my friend but if you can respond on this can you tell me is this love? Because I have noticesd every single time I am next to him my heart beats sooo fast and I feel really hot and I hide my face cause it is all red.. I think about him all the time.. And I just want him to be happy and he is so carefree and is always happy he makes everybody else ahppy around him too... He is just absolutely amazing and I hope everybody out therecan find a person as wonderful as him:)))
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My bf is the best man for me b/c he didn't try t sleep with me for months, he bought me an apartment, and tells me he loves me in a different way everyday
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He's proper fit and he loves me for me and hes the guy I'm want to stay with for ever I never want to let him go I think if we split up my heart wud be broken forever and he'd be the only one 2 fix it
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I love my husband to bits. I had an arrange marriage, I had many proposals, from a doctor and many other professionals, but I chose my husband, isn't in any professional business. He10 years older than me, but we click like nothings clicked before. He's funny, childish, weird about some stuff but I love it. He makes me laugh. We're always play fighting.I don't feel like ive married someone 10 years older than me. He's genuine and honest.and I just love him to bits.
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Well I love my boy friend because he is only one for me he is all that I have wanted he is smart play sports run and he is tall and handsome and loves me for me he respect my decision
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I love my partner coz he's gentle, he's really concern about me, gets me things. He remembers my likes and dislikes and does not do things to upset me. And if he has done something wrong he will apologize straight away. I love this qualities in him
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We met at a mutual friend's house. After I left he told them that I was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. We started dating a few days later and I don't think I've gone a day without seeing him since. I think what made me fall in love with him was how when we first got together he wanted to take me everywhere and show me off. He was constantly saying that I'm the prettiest girl he's ever been with and he could make me laugh no matter what mood I was in. He wasn't controlling and I was immediately comfortable around him. I don't really know why I love him so much...we've been fighting a lot
lately but no matter how angry I get at him I can't see myself not
being with him. When we're not fighting I'm the happiest I have ever
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Well me and my boyfriend have been together for about 4 months and now I'm having a baby by him and I'm 3 months.. Funny huh!! But often I sit and wonder why do I love him so much.. I DRAW A BLANK... I mean he doesn't work right now..I'm the only one with a income coming in and he begs for stuff all the time.. But its just something about him.. Even though I can do better as people would say and find a man with a job and who's got something going for themselves but I'm that kind of girl that isn't caught up on material things...I tell him all the time I don't need for him to do for me and he understands that even though he really wants too.. Honestly that is good enough for me.. I love that man with all my heart.. The way he looks at me makes me feel so good and so loved and I just want to spend the rest of my life with him.. He ain't perfect and neither am I but we fit in some weird puzzle you know.. He is my king and I am his queen.. TRAVIS & QUISHA
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He is a head taller than me, he had a clean short crew cut, and he had a pulchritudinous face. It was irresistible, from his clean chin to his captivating blue eyes. He had a charming voice that enchanted me.   

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