If you've never spoke to your cousin and haven't seen them for 10 years and when you see them you fall in love, is it wrong?


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Dickie Allen Profile
Dickie Allen answered
No, it is NOT wrong. First cousin marriage is accepted in almost every country in the world except the USA. Marriage is possible in the USA in some states with stipulations such as incapable to have children.
Facts are children born of first cousin marriage have about the same birth defect problems as completely unrelated couples at about 1.5% to 3%.
Go ahead and fall in love and if you desire to get married, both Canada and Mexico accept first cousin marriage. Or you can go to the UK or Europe. Once married you can return to the USA and remain married.
Anna Bann Profile
Anna Bann answered
It's not wrong but, is better for you to stay away, because it's a member of your family.. Those things are kind of complicated.
Courtney Wilson Profile
Courtney Wilson answered
It's wrong...if you guys are blood related...
Technically it's not wrong if you don't have any blood relation.

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