I really need a lot of answers for this one. I'm going to a wedding and I've never been to one and I dont know what you would really bring to a wedding. I haven't seen my cousin in a long time. Any answers?


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You get dressed nice and bring a card. Make sure you place money inside the card as your gift. Compliment the bride and groom and enjoy yourself

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In my opinion you should wear a pretty dress, take a gift with you and that gift should be what the bride likes. If you're going from the bride's side then what she likes and if groom's side then what he likes or you can take what ever one of them likes no matter which ever side your going from! And compliment the bride on her look or dress and you may give a smile to the groom as well if you wish! So just enjoy!

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I really think you should give them tissues and lotion or oil

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