This guy I really like and I have been texting each other for about a week, but I'm always the one to start conversations. He answers me fast and is really sweet, but is he just trying not to hurt my feelings? What should I do?


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Dear Emma dkcksjdjxn,

In bygone days it was considered improper for the woman to take the lead in a relationship...and I will tell you that in the Sixties a few of my guy friends told me how hard that was for them, always responsible for the initiative.

And now in 2016, it's okay for a woman to take gentle and gracious initiative.

* * *

I suggest you just keep up as you are, as long as things seem to be going well. If he is just being polite, you will know soon enough and you can back off then.

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Thank you for the answers!! What made me worry was that sometimes he didn't really make much of an effort to keep the conversation going, you know? But he did say that we should do something together next week when I suggested it

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