Describe Your Best Friend. And Why Are They Your Best Friend?


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My mom is my best friend. She has been there for me in every moments. Her love and care can not be explained just in words. She guided me in making all my important decision for which today I am a successful person. I know my happiness and success is all want. I love her for everything. She is a beautiful, charming and passionate for her kids. After I can share each and everything with each other. If I make mistake, she forgives me and helps me in coming out of the odd situation and motivates me in achieving new things. I can proudly say that she is everything in my life.
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Haley's my friend because she gets every problem and always makes me feel better when I'm down and she has the same type of humor as me so we could probably just occupy ourselves all day by making jokes that know one but me and her would find funny, we laugh a lot and sometimes just to break the silence will randomly laugh than we can't stop laughing and we don't know why. We know what each other are thinking even when we aren't saying anything. We have made it through a lot together and that is what made our friendship strong. Sometimes to find the good in a situation you must first see the bad.
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My best friend is the girl that I've known longer than anyone else on earth (except my family). She totally gets everything about me, she knows me better than I now myself. I can completely be myself around her, I don't have to be someone I'm not, because she loves me and accepts me for who I am. She listens to me when I complain about what an idiot my boyfriend is (which is every single day) and she always wants to help me out and does everything she can to cheer me up. We have no secrets from each other, because we both know that we won't be judged by each other. I'm super grateful for her.
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My best friend is Dustin. Hes Absolutely Amazing, funny sweet, and down to earth. He understands everything about me. Hes the only one that I can talk to about that actually seems to care. Id do anything for him. Hes very charming an a real sweetheart. I'm always happy when I talk to him. Hes just simply perfect. And I love him with all my heart
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My best friend Anna Marlen Joshe she is pretty good person. Nice, honest, loyal, thoughtful, kind and I even wear spandex at night to fight evil-doers , very understanding person...,  she is  always  ready to listen, give advice and help.., she is my  11 years  best friend ..
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My best friend is my parents. They brought me up with great care. They inculcate in me respect for everyone. They have taught me manners. With their love, affection, care, guidance etc I am at a position today to say that my parents are my best friends and they have done their duty to brought me up in most successful manner.
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My best friend is a friend a met at school. We first met in 6th grade and our friendship has lasted through these years. We argue, debate, but never in a hateful way. Our debates are just fun and I guess that's why we're friends. We are kind of opposites
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My best friend is del mariz  ligeralde  ..she's my one and only the BEST of all of my friends..she was silent type, intelligent. Very good in drawing, curly hair, very kind but a little bit cranky..she like anime so much... We met when we are in 5th grade.. At first I don't care of her ..but when I transferred beside her..then I met her...I realize that she.was very happy to be with..even shes very silent...I'm so happy that I met her...even were been apart in 6th grade...because we transferred school...I also realize that time that she was very important to me...she a part of my life now..and I miss the old times..because I have many best friends but she was the most important..even we are far each other..we don't forgotten about us...
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My best friend is Khouloud. I love her so much . We were BEST FRIENDS from grade 3 till now :)

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gina is my bestfriend because she is very honest ,kind,loyal,thoughtful,and very happy person.Becausethey wouldnever abandom me when I need help because I would do the samefor them if theyneeded help

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I think i have very lucky because i have a lot of friends. Among, my best friend is Van, she's tall and slim, she had long brown hair, she has pretty face with high nose and small mouth. I think she's very beautiful and extremely kind, especially when she's smiles. I remember, when i wad high school, we met and became close friend. She studied very well and she helped me a great deal with my studied. We can share happiness and sadness to each other. And now, we always meet on weekends for shopping or coffee shop.

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My best friend shares the same name as me, we have been friends for the past 33 years. We never fought with each these years, we understand and support each other well.
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My best friends are funny, kind, playful, happy, beautiful, and most of all cool

because they would never abandon me when I need help and because I would do the same for them if they needed help
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I have a close friend that goes to my school. Before class we would always crack really personal jokes. I find this really special because most friends don't have their own private jokes.
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My best friend is my boyfriend, I trust him with my heart, he always know when I need him, he listens, hes truthful, he doesnt lie too me, straight up, loyal, loving and best of all hes my everything
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She is my best friend because she cares for me when I need help. And always go out with me and have fun.
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My best friend shares the same name as me, he is the best, we are friends for the past 33 years, we have never fought with each other all these years, he is always supportive, he never takes a back step even when I do something wrong, he openly criticizes it.
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My best friend: Jordan Daniel Manus. He is my boyfriend. We have been friends forever and finally decided to date. We have been dating for 3 months Feb. 14. He’s the most amazing person I have ever met. We have are likes and differences, ups and downs, but always keep strong. He’s in a band named Day of the Weak. He’s the lead singer. He’s always really cheerful and positive about everything. He won’t let a frown show. If I were to describe him in 3 words they’d be loving, outgoing, and perfect.

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