How Would You Describe Your Best Friend In One Word?


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G'day Safarii,

Thank you for your question.

A stalwart.

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Merlin Paine
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It means dependable strong
Keith Old
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It means loyal, reliable, strong. Http://|en&hl=en&sa=X&ei=2ChRTMyBPYSKvQOavOmbCQ&ved=0CBYQmwMoAA
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Thanks Socrates :)
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michelle  ur a very dependable person 4 me do u think that we can talk later on  today if  ur feeling up to it cos i've got a couple of things that i wanna get of of my  chest alright?
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Crazy, insane , well grounded not afraid to slap me if i need tells me the truth even if it hurts like to sit and just hang out likes music and dancein shes awsome
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Jesus  is  my  best  friend  cause  he  has never backstabbed me , I go and talk anytime i want to him  And  I can trust  him that he wont  do me wrong  And most of all I know he loves me and I love  him

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