If You Have To Describe Your Childhood In One Word, What's It?


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Chaotic! I grew up with five siblings and 4 foster siblings. There was always something going on, and I always shared a room until I became 17, sometimes with more than one sibling. We would eat dinner at two tables, (one old formica one in the kitchen and the other "real" wood out in the living room) and sometimes had to eat in "shifts", because sometimes there would be one or two extra foster siblings, also. (Mom and Dad would be present always thorughout both "shifts"!) Lots of conversation at the table always. Kitchen clean up meant 5 women in the kitchen acting silly and carrying on. Sometimes we would burst into opera voices over requests for a dish-rag or a broom, or a towel. .. (Also, we grew up calling a refrigerator an icebox, because my parents were both born around 1920.) That brought a laugh in school, but was normal stuff around home. Anyway, Mom never stopped doing laundry, and we never stopped folding and ironing and cleaning, it seemed. We were poor I think, by today's standards. But I was always very happy overall and my mom loved us so much. She was amazing. We used to picnic once in awhile as a family--what an affair!!-- but didn't do much travelling (you might guess why!!).

Also, being part of the baby boomer generation, my neighborhood was filled with kids our age, and on any given summer evening, there were usually 25 kids within 5 years of age of each other out playing on the dead-end (culdesac) street where we lived, playing freeze tag or Red Rover or what have you until well after dark, with the cottonwood trees floating their little blasted things in the air, and the locusts or cichadeas or whatever they are called buzzing in the background until the conductor decided they should suddenly stop. On days when it was hot, we went to the pool at the junior high school and spent all day there. Also, block parties were an annual event, and in the winter, snow forts and sledding down nearby hills were common on really well-used sleds. We went ice skating daily on a nearby pond on hand-me-down skates and put socks in the toes when they didn't fit quite yet, armed with thermoses of hot chocolate and paper bags of sandwiches that turned ice cold by the time we ate them. We would be there from early morning until five at night and walk home, exhausted. We had pogo sticks (anyone remember those?) and hoola hoops, bicycles and jumpropes and cards, homework, and parcheesi, candyland, scrabble,monopoly (blech!) and our imaginations and each other, trying to figure out how to grow up. We had dates and heartbreaks and first loves, and squabbles that dissolved over shared suppers... Those were the days... :) Today when I get together with my family, there are over 40 people at dinner if all spouses and nephews and nieces attend. That just rarely happens anymore, as everyone seems to have their own lives and their kids are also growing up.

I didn't mean to make this a whole expose' aorund my childhood; it all just flowed so easily! Thanks for your patient reading :)
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I was not aloud to have many friends in my childhood my stepfather was abusive both phsycially and mentally so there for I have suffered from depression, but since I was 16 I have gotten past it and I have not followed in his path of abusiveness
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Me too!
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I feel for you and can definitly empathize. I'm almost 20, suffering from mental illness my whole life, and I still haven't figured out how to deal with it. You're ahead of the curve, my friend. It's hard to break through from your past and get on with your future. But it'll make you a stronger person in the end.
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"adventurous" Until I was 12 years old, my father got a 10 week vacation every 3 yrs as part of his benefits package. We would travel all over the country, from california to oregon to colorado, the grand canyon and Yellowstone. I find myself drawn back to those places in my adulthood trying to grasp what I was too young to understand at the time, and to share the experiences with my wife and child. I lived (still do to this day) mostly in my head and imaginantion. Always fighting off space invaders, or exploring the great wilderness in my youth.
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Depressing if I think about it my family was very abbusive and I was the middle chld I had a twin brother and a baby sister with spinalbifida so0o they were spoiled and I got nothing I wore hand me downs from my older because andinally  my siblings wore expensive name brand clothing I was raped by my father at 15 and then  at 19 he did it to my son who was only 3 ewwright well after all that and thats not even all of it I am married with 3 children and I'm finally happy and never doing what my fam has put me through is my goalbut a lot of people say things like that make them a better person but I can only say ithas made me nuts I can't sleep at night still seeing things I don't  want to see and the fear that he can do it againim been in therapy for yrs and I hope one day even thogh I'm happy I  will be safe literally and in my mind insha allawow that felt knida good knowin that I told that to like a thousand people .thanx... And sorry for depressing all of you!
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you said you're having 3 children, just raise them well & am sure U will.
about you're hard childhood, U can always live your childhood in you're children but with fun.
wish you'll be always happy... don't forget to pray so the god would help you to feel better :)
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To be blunt, I would have to say my childhood was very "Forgettable". I'd rather not think about it.
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Overall nightmare with moments of freedom living my own life, exploring the woods behind our house
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Scattered, a lot of stuff went down when I was a kid . With my family and all braking up and stuff. I was everywhere at once . It was tough but I really don't regret anything, it made me stronger I guess
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vita334- My childhood was pretty rough too,always hold your head high and know that HE never gives you more than you can handle!
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Your childhood sound similar to mine.
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Wonderful! As a family we would always get together on every holiday. Christmas was the best. We would all gather at my grandparents and just enjoy being around each other. I was blessed.
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My childhood in one word was "simple". When we grow up, we gradually live in a complex society with complex interpersonal relationships, sometimes it's hard to handle all the things well, so I find my childhood was soooooooooooooo simple.
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Mine was very innocent, normal, simple and happy. We were kind of poor but I didn't know that we were poor. I always had nice clothes, toys to play with, we had enough to eat and we even got to go the movies once in awhile! My mother knew how to save and spend money and we always had enough but we didn't splurge on things we didn't need. Going out to get ice cream was a special event!
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Bi-Polar mother whose constant attempts at suicide left me not knowing whether the next time I saw her she would be alive or dead, or with head in the oven or her tablets on the table.  Whether tonight I would go to bed hungry or whether their would be food for me when I got home.  Whether indeed there would be anyone at home.I was 3, just after my father died, when she first attempted suicide and it continued although my childhood right into adulthood.
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I have to agree with "robbier44"...... Forgettable. I suppose the correct term for it is "Dysfunctional".
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I had a great childhood. I grew up in the military and hated it at the time, but looking back it was pretty good
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'Unsettled'is the word that comes to mind. Always on the move - due to my fathers work committments and always the new kid at school!
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I was so quite & innocent, I wasn't the kind of children who yell & mess around. I didn't have much friends, but I was happy :) :) :)
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Normal- I'd have to say I had a pretty great childhood with the usual ups and downs of life......
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Traumatic... Had no good friends no boyfriend spiraled in to depression became anemic and had suicidal thoughts ( haha now I'm sure your childhood sounds a lot better now)
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I don't even know how to put it into words. It left a nasty scar on me, it left me with a million things in my head I will never be able to forget..
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I would choose the word anticapation. In school the teacher told me what anticapation means it means your really exited when somthing is going to happen.

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