What To Do About Moody Teenagers?


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You take them to see a therapist and as long they are not violent, they are healthy and they should not be depressed. Teenagers are moody because it is due to hormones:) You basically just have to live with it.
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Depression is known to be more common for teens than in adults. The number of children and teens suffering from depression is estimated to be well above 3.5 million. Whereas the percentage of depressed adult is just about 5%, the percentage of depressed teenagers is estimated to be well over 8%.

The most important tell-tale sign of depression in teens is that they are more often moody when others in their age group seem to be enjoying life far better. Depressed teens are not always seen to be sad, but are often moody and touchy.

Depression requires treatment and this is what the parents should do when their teenagers are seen to be too moody. Help from a trained counsellor can save moody teenagers from falling into chronic depression. If the depression is very severe and disabling, medical treatment should be resorted to. Moody teenagers are very much at the risk of drug abuse and alcoholism. Parents must be watchful about such habits creeping into the lifestyle of their children.
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Actually at the stage of teen age, children are very possessive about each and every thing. They actually want that every thing should happen according to their will and desire. They usually thought that, their rigid and harsh behavior will compel others towards them. They think that they are looking very smart and decent.

In order to handle teenagers, parents or someone elder have to go into there world. By world I mean that, parents have to know the desire and thinking of there children. Try to mold the situations according to their will and desire but on right track. Don't ever say NO to there any work, but try to counsel them, that this is the right thing you can do this very well.

Parents have to be very friendly with there children, in order to understand the views and thinking and mode of their children. Teenagers are very energetic, so we have to try to put this energy on right track.

Only with the help of love and care one can change or understand the behavior of moody teenager, because mostly they are very reserve. To understand their behavior, one has to try to be frank with them and this is possible only by talking with great care and love with them.
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The beginning paragraph is completely untrue and actually somewhat rude towards teenagers.. Most tend to be rather well behaved if anything.
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To help moody teenagers, first take them to a physician, even Psychiatrist who is an M.D. To find out if they are dealing with serious depression or bi-polar disorder. Both are medical conditions. Have serious, concerned talks with them. Find another adult who can initiate talks with them and good counsel. Know that all teenagers have reasons to be moody, especially if there is dysfunction within their family or because of relationships they have difficulty with or feel rejection by others. Believe me, from experience I know that they are the most significant person who truly wants to get out of moodiness. Don't think of it as 'behavior' but as a need for their brains to become healthy and well.
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My son is rude, vulgar and often violent. I have no money for psychologist. I dread him being home for the summer. Help.
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Avoid them.

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