What Are Teens Most Interested With Today?


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The teens of the 21st century are interested in music, fashion, arts and internet.

Fashion today has become a statement among the teens. Their role models being actors and singers of music bands, teens have begun to incorporate their style of dressing and behaviour.

Music is another factor that is highly influential among teens. Teens generally prefer music like hard rock, rap, etc. Music is become an every hour activity, teens are so addicted that they cannot do without it.

Another thing that the teenager of today is hooked on to is internet. Most teens today pass their time online. Chatting and dating online is become an hobby today among this age group. This is the highest amount of interest shown.

Not every teenager is into fashion and music though; some of the other interest also includes some kind of art work ranging anything from painting, craft, pottery, stitching and so on.

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We as teens are most interested in what is going on around us. That is why so many love such things as music and fashion because it excites the desires and increases self-esteem. But it also gives them a false sense of hope that they can one day actually live the life of those rock stars and movie stars etc.
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Music and celebrities
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Music and Dancing
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Depends on the teen really!

Some like bueaty

others like music

loads like the internet

Just depends! :)

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chantelle smith , what er teens most interersted in today?, answered

Teens are most interested in
music, animals, shopping, pottery, craft, swimming, cooking and dancing.

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Teens are most interested in having girlfriends/boyfriends.they usually go out with their friends and spend time.they like to watch movies,hang out with their friends and many more
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Facebook or other social networks
They like socialising with friends and going out places such as cinema and Oceana
Music is one of their intrest too its whats new and popular
Remember each teenager is different so just ask them what they are intrested in 
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Well coming from the horses mouth, a teenager, most of us are intrested in a variety of subjects revolving mainly around our home and school life. Boys usually Play videogames like its an addiction but get their homework done on time. And then girls society is a myster to me because it dosen't help to be a boy looking in from the outside....
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What ever there friends are doing?
If there friends does drugs they will to
if they smoke she/he will too
it is called peer pressure

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