How To Counsel Teenagers?


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Well counselling with teenagers is very tedious thing, because they are very moody and only want to understand things and matters which are of there interest. So when a person is counselling with teenager, must know all of there hobbies and interest. One should also know there activities, there likes, dislikes. When counselor will know all the information of the teenager then he can easily convey his points or suggestions to teenager.
When you start counselling then first asks about there needs or demands, means what they want to do.

Let us suppose that a teenager want to go to a place which is not safe for him/her, but he/she is continuously insisting. Now it's your responsibility that you first ask him/her that, what is the reason he/she only want to go to that place only, why not anywhere else. So after listening to his/her views, you have to decide and think that, which is the other place where he/she can get equal entertainment. So you give your option, but very politely and also tell the drawbacks of the place, where he/she want to go, and tell the good points of your suggested place. He/she must consider what you are saying and will understand.
Don't ever impose your ideas on teenagers, if you do so they will become more aggressive and your counseling will become problem for you.
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By the time they are teens it is very hard to begin to build a relationship with them to talk if it is not already there. Because you are even asking this question, I would say that you don't have good communication with them.
They key it to listen, really listen to what they want and strive for common ground, not just digging your heals in to be right.
This is really not a great place for advice, being a pastor and one who works with teens I can tell you this, they will be more apt to open up to someone else. Do yourself a favor and find someone you trust that could speak with them such as a youth pastor, a teacher they may be fond of, neighbor or even a friend.
Don't ignore it or wait, please! If you want to talk professionally and let me know the problems I may be able to direct you a bit better email me
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Any good counsellor should be a good listener. As counsellors, we are called to help our clients understand their problems better rather than imposing our interests on them. Listen to what they have to say and mention the advantages and disadvantages of it. The ball will go back to them to shoot. They are supposed to make the final decision. We offer Psychological support and have them take the lead in decision making.
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Correcting teenagers can be a little tedious for one, since at this age all you have to do is go on repeating yourself and all they do in return is choose to ignore you. Well one of the best way I can think or even suggest you is the way I was brought up in my teens. The bottom rule you have to keep in mind is 'provide the freedom but in limits.' You will also require being subtle and kind to them, the more you are harsh to them, the more they are going to turn their backs at you.

You can let them known what they are doing is wrong but it will be better if it is said to them with some kind of motherly affection rather then you shouting out loud at them. Remember one thing teenagers at this age look out for more affection rather than someone brooding them over everything they do. Tell them they can do what they want to do, but let it not be something that would dishearten their parents in return. You can even spend more of quality time with them and get to known how they actually want to live their lives, this will help you begin with you counselling. I am sure it is a very certain way to go about with.

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