How Do You Make Out?


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Don't tell him show him. Just tell him to be quite and kiss him show him how. Just like you said he could be bad since he hasn't done it. Tell him what you like cause he won't know. But to start just tell him to be quite and let you show him and kiss him and he will learn really fast.
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Why can't you guys enjoy yourself without making out, do you know about protection that one false move and you could get a baby and ruin your life. What is going to happen then is he going to be there for you. If he claims he don't know about making out and i don't believe that do he want you to do teach him. Girls and boys are too fast these days and don't stop and think about what if . Tell him no and i bet he won't talk to you anymore. Good luck and go slow
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Okay, I don't think were moving too fast. I mean, its just a little make out. I'm 14 years old and I have already had sex. All I did was asked a simple question and all you had to do was simply answer it. I didn't ask for your opinion leaning toward the fact about us moving too fast. Anyways, we already did and now we have broken up.
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Kissing is very complicated and different people do it in different ways. The best way to have the BEST kiss is to practice and you can see together which way works best. If he still doesn't get the idea, maybe suggest to practice on the back of his hand until he thinks he's got it right, then maybe he can try the real thing....
Good luckxxx
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You don't have to practice it, it will just come naturally when you're there.
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Just find a really romantic moment to do it.. Then get close ,... And put your lips into his
(her) mouth, and push your tongue against his(her) teeth... Then just enjoy it!! Have fun doing that!!

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