What Is The Definition Of Love?


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True love is that you get butterflyies in your stomach when you talk to that person or cannot wait to see them or call that person on the phone. Also you don't want to leave there home at the end of the night. Your heart will tell you and you will know your in love for sure. This is my second marriage and am so much in love and could not say goodbye to him and had to call to say goodnight.  If you show your affection in public and don't care what others say.
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Okayy.. You have the most hard question i have ever answered...
But love is having an affection for something, or someone.
Love is beautiful, i think it is the most complicated thing in the world
it beautiful, depressing, unbelievable, unbearable, and all of the above..

You can usually tell that you are in love when you meet a person,
that you get HE-UGE butterflies when ever your
around him or her, you feel a connection between this special person
and you feel safe around this person... Well That`s What I Think At Least....

Hope i helped... =] { Love Autumn}
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Ive only heard of one that comes close to describing it.. Love.. Is your souls recognition of its counterpoint in another.. It sucks that it was in a movie but I found it true... Very logical, if your sad you need someone to be happy...
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There is no satisfactory definition for Love. When you are "in" love, you just know. The trick is that we're taught to think being in love is something that lasts forever. It might. Then again, it might not. It's still love.
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When you are in love you won't have to ask!
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Its not that I dont know what love is or dont know whether or not I am in love, I was just curious to see other peoples definations. Comparing their definations to my own.

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