Define Love And Its Types?


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To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason,and to care without expectation is the art of love relation.
Love can neither be defined nor it has types.
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Love is the most beautiful thing of the world.In my point of view Love is the combination of four characters have the meanings:
L stands for land of sorrow.
O stands for ocean of tears.
V stands for valley of death.
E stands for end of life.

The definition of the love can be varying from person to person. Love is the thing which can different for all people. A person who has found his love will define the love a sweet, lovely and beautiful thing of the world. But a person having bitter experience will define the love as an ugly, horrible and awful object.

No one can tell the real and exact definition of the love because there is not a single definition of the love. There may be many types of the love but I can categorize the love in only two types.
1. Love to God
2. Love to Person
1st type of love can be a real type of love. If a person loves to God definitely God will love him, this is the true type of love.
In 2nd type of love a person love to a person like a girl loves to a boy or a boy loves to a girl.
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Love is a thing so hard to explain it tickels the hart yet trouble the brain it bring grate joy but cost grate pain yet love is a thing so hard to gain
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Only you know what love is... Only you can find love for yourself, no one else.
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I Love my girlfriend with all my heart av had a troubled past and never felt this way about a girl b4, but i cant help but think that she doesn't feel the same. she says she does but i get the feeling that she just says it to shut me up, can anyone help me find out if im just being paranoid?
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thats is totally true.... "I" can only find true love and I should follow my heart till the end!
but the most important thing is to choose carefully
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Love and to be loved is the man's strongest and oldest desire. Love is any of a number of Sentiments and feelings related to a sense of strong affection or deep oneness. Love can have an extensive multiplicity of intended meanings. Love can also be diversified as, for example, spiritual love, religious love, familial love, and generally we can say Love is a great affection for anything considered strongly pleasant, attractive, or favoured, including activities and foods as well.

There is another type of love as well which means "Love at first sight". It's an emotional state when a person feels romantic magnetism for a stranger on the very first encounter with him or her. it generally refers to actually falling in love with someone the very first time one sees him or her, along with the profound longing and craving to have an intimate and cherished relationship with that person.

In my words…Love is accepting, Love is Appreciating and Love is wanting Another to Feel Good. Many songs and stories are written to express the strength and power of love. But you can only feel it if you are in love. I shall end my answer with a beautiful quote which will definitely make you fall in love with it :)

"You know you are in love
When you see the world in her eyes,
And her eyes everywhere in the world."

- David Levesque -
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Love is like a butterfly.
It flies where it goes.
And pleases where it is.
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I won't try to expatiate philosophically on love, though I have much passion for it. I think it a moral obligation to tell you my personal views about love. If you find a tincture of philosophy or psychology in my justifications, please ignore them as my unconscious compulsion.

I think love is a kind of deficiency in your personality that you try to compensate by an attempt to get closer to somebody who is not "deficient" in that specific sense. For example, I'm in love with nearly all people who are honest; and I attribute it to my dishonesty. I love all who are bestowed with blue eyes; that, again, is because I've got black eyes. But, it's never that simple. This deficiency may express itself in much more complex forms. Sorry to indulge in psychology, but many of us are often victimized by the ups and downs of life in such a way that our general behaviour towards others grows very complex. Not infrequently, people are found to be in love with somebody where the above-mentioned rule doesn't seem to hold good. But by observing the situation at a very deep and meticulous level, we arrive at the same conclusion that it's something that they lack which they try to compensate by loving. Therefore, I maintain love to be nothing more or less than a deficiency, whether psychological, aesthetic, physical, economic, social or any other.

Now in the light of the definition asserted, there's no room for giving an account of how many types love has. But definitely, we can categorize it on the grounds of its expression. When we express our love to our sexual partner, it's one type; when to our mother, it's another. Love for animals finds an expression utterly different from that of books. Therefore, the classification of love is but objective and can be expanded as much as the number of cases.
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It is a strange feeling. When you are in love you are ready to sacrifice and give everything you have to this person. You keep smiling and thinking of how to make them happy. You just keep talking about them and feel like you want to spend each single minute and second with them. It's just feel like you are on the 7th cloud, flying and dreaming. You should try and be in love to know how sweet it is. Even if you tried it before and you found it horrible. The real love is going to knock your door anytime and at any place.
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yeah love is wonderful the feelings you get just making them happy isn't even describeable,and the way you feel when you think about them.and how you'd do any thing for them and be happy doing it just because its what is wanted.and then you notice your the only one that feels that way,that while you've been caught up in your fairytale of happily ever after hes been totally taking advantage of your true unconditional love its all about what you can do for him.its okay when you feel that way about him,but when he acts like it its a little bit cold and uncaring he takes some girl home with him,doesn't have the respect to answer the door when you show up and then brings you his laundry,and wants it clean by tomorrow.and of course you love him so you do it and don't even say much.and then he comes over and is being nice and you know what he wants and of course you give it up because you love him and your lonely and at least hes giving you some yeah i do agree that love is wonderful,just make sure you don't fall in love with someone who doesn't love you!!!
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Love is a feeling of affection that takes over your body, heart, mind and messes with your senses. It comes over you like a tidal wave sweeping everything in. Love is like a person it grows everyday.
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Love is god. Without him love could not exist.loving a person of the opposite sex is the opening of your heart and the desire to trust this person with your feelings .
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Love cannot be defined it is a intangible thing that can only be felt by emotions and attitude.

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