What Is The Choice Between Physical And Spiritual Love?


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But to return to our thesis: The difference between man's and woman's gender and love life. If a man had to make his choice between physical love, i.e., actual gender relations and spiritual love, i.e., love making, kisses, love letters, etc., he would generally choose the former. If a woman had to choose, she would generally choose the latter. The man and the woman would prefer both at the same time: Physical and spiritual love. But that is not the question. The question is: If it came to a choice; and then the results would be as I have just indicated. The correctness of my statements will be corroborated by anybody having some knowledge of human gender.    A man can completely take pleasure in gender contact without any beginning; with a female the beginning are of the greatest significance, and while these are missing she is often unable of knowledge any enjoyment. Nay, the feeling of pleasure is not unusually replaced by a sentiment of anger and still disgust. A man mind additional for the bodily and fewer for the cerebral and religious characteristic of his gender associate; with the woman just the opposite is the case. I am leaving out of consideration gender impotence, because this is a real disability, and a man suffering with it only irritates the woman without satisfying her.

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