What Is The Difference Between Love And Attraction?


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The major difference between love and attraction is that love is pure and it stays with one forever, where as attraction is just for the time being. In love one can never get over someone they love and in attraction with the passage of time, people forget about it. Love is a pure feeling, where you fall in love, with someone who is love of your life and you want to spend your life with that person.

Their happiness is all that matter to you and they are the most important people to you on the face of this earth. No matter how hard one tire cannot get rid of the feeling of being in life and cannot forget anything about someone they love. As far as attraction is concerned, it is basically because of the reason for liking them, either physically or mentally or maybe by personality.

Attraction is for the time being and people get over with the feeling as time moves on. And soon they are love with someone else, this is not love, love is something entirely different. It is a feeling which does not reduce with time but it increases as time move up. The story of love is different and many have not understood it but yet fall for it.
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Attraction can be instant, and is usually based on looks.

Love takes longer to appear. I think love is when you like everything about someone inside and out, even their flaws. Everything about them seems perfect. You can't imagine living without them. You would do anything for them.
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I don't know why people confuse love with attraction affection and liking ... Its so simple , Attraction , Affection , Liking is when >> you can live happily with that person .... And Love is when >> you can't live without that person .... Its the most simple way to tell the diff. , the one who has already felt the pain of living without his/her beloved , will understand me what I am trying to say ...
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Love usually begins with an attraction between the two people. But if you met at 20 and you still attract each other at age 80, even after you've had to change their bed pan and clean their body, then it is probably love. If you get up the next morning after a sleepless night of helping them to the bathroom, but you still get a joy out of preparing his favorite breakfast in bed, then that is love.
I met an attractive man at the airport a few months ago. We talked on the phone some and  I eventually spent some days and weekends with him, and everything about him was attractive. I was attracted to him, because he wanted to hear my voice each day, he wanted to eat dinner together. Then he came to my house for dinner and saw the responsibility that  I had with my 18 year old disabled daughter. He called and we went a few more times, but then he said that he wanted us to travel a lot and that he had raised children already. He asked if it was possible that we could place my daughter in a home. So. The attraction for him melted like hot butter--thank God.
Attraction is a positive feeling. When a barrier gets in the way, if the attraction melts, love can't happen. But if the barrier feels more like an adventure and something that the two can make better, then that's when attraction has grown into love.
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Love is loving the person for all they are and attraction is only loving how the person looks. Though sometimes attractions come before love.
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Love makes you complete with the person that you are with. You feel complete and feel that someone just wants to be with you and loves you.
Attraction is something that draws you to a person but there is no real connection as far feelings or wanting to feel that feeling of being complete.
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Attraction is when you see more than you talk love is when you look while you listen and talk with your heart
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With love.. You have this feeling you get inside every time you see the person not just because of how good they look, but because of how they make you feel inside. With attraction, it's more or less the physical. Love is the physical AND emotion.
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There is a major different!
Love is when you really like someone&yu can't stop thinking about them&you really wish one day they will ask to go out with yu.
Attraction is when you like someone's likes the way you look, they don't necessaries...

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