What Is The Difference Between LOVE And FRIENDSHIP?


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Without a doubt, I love my wife, as much as I understand the concept. But as mentioned above she is also my best friend. I also love my children, but that is a different kind of love. In some ways I know the difference, but it is hard to describe it in words. In addition, I have those close friends that I would say that I love, but that is also a different kind of love. Is love a fancy or a feeling? In some ways love is a deep emotion, but it is also a decision. We decide that we are going to love someone through thick and thin. We love someone because there is trust and we have shared significant experiences. Still, the definition is hazy because we have a hard time describing exactly what it is. The clarity sometimes comes when we must identity those that we love. If you look at the people in your life, who would you say that you "love"?


If I had to, I could probably put my friends into general categories. I have a number of "close" friends and I have a larger number of "friends". The close friends are people that I trust and confide in when I need to talk to someone. The larger groups of "friends" are people that I will interact with occasionally. With them, I have a deeper relationship than with my "acquaintances". All categories of friends represent shared experiences, common groupings, and somewhat paralleled belief systems. Again the definition gets fuzzy because we can have positive feelings
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Friendship is more of a feeling you get when you feel accepted by someone, Love is the feeling that pushes you to change in order to feel accepted, so that when you finally get into the circle you have a weird feeling in your stomach and lots and lots of daydreaming.
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Friendship - has it's limits
Love - is freelance
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Love is a waste of time... friendship is a presious of time...
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Friendship is a type of love. It just lacks the passion of the type of relationship one would have with one's partner.
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The main thing is that of the emotions and feelings.it matters a lot for every one.love and friendship are meaning less if there is no emotions and feelings.
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if you were to compare from love to friendship, friendship is just a feeling whom a person feels within as a person, but when we say love it is a special feeling to a person whom you want to be with.

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