I Am Confused About Love And Liking,can You Help ?


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There are many different types of love, the love we have for parents, for our friends,for our mate, and for our kids. You should never choose one over the other, but when you find the one, and you are joined ex.married. you need to have a relationship, that consists of two acting as one. two couloms holding up the same temple. A book that changed my life, the Prophet by kibran, that's where I got that, it loosely says you stand together, but far enough apart that the winds of heaven can dance between you. It is a beautiful work of wisdom. Good Fortune
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Love is different with like. Love is more strong than like. If you love some one, you can do any thing for them. For example, you love you parents, you love your boyfriend, you would try to do sth to make them happy. If you just like sb, you would not do much effort to please them. You like your friends, but you would not sacrifise yourself to do sth for the friends who you just like. Its all about committement, if you love sb, you would commit 100 percent of yourself.
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Thanx awawa but if we like our parents and some other person in the same manner than what would be prefferable parents or the person we love?
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My life experience, has taught me, that love can only exist with time. With experience, with seeing how that person acts and reacts, words are sometimes trash, action should be the pre-cursor to trust. Real love should only occur with real trust. Sometimes we become infatuated, those feelings are so intense, sometimes you feel you could fly to heaven and at the same moment slain. That's a hard transition, the open trust of youth, and the hard won effection of time. Please set down with yourself figure out what it is you want from a relationship, take time too truly see who that person is, before you hand over your heart. A good person will be honored to prove themselves to you. Always remember actions and not words. Good Fortune

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