How Love Is Different From Liking? What Does It Mean If A Person Says "I Like U But I Cant Marry U Due To Some Reasons"?


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AISHA WAJID answered
Love is a very sacred relationship. And I think that everyone of us should keep their love sacred for their spouses ( life partners ) only, till we get them. When you love someone than you feel his/her happiness or sorrows as yours and you wants to be with that person forever.

On the other hand likings can be developed for any person but its far less than love. As we likes a lot of actors, sports people's , or even any good looking person, but we don't want to spend our lives with them, and also can never allow them to interfere in our lives.

So dear, if a person says to you that he/she likes you but can't marry you, than try to remain away from such person, because that person might be trying to have some kind of time pass with you.

Never let anyone come closer to you unless you are committed to get marry. Always keep the people's at some distance.

Believe me when you will develop this sense of being made for your spouse only, you will feel the real contentment. Take care.
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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, love is the way you feel, when you feel you will stop breathing if this person leaves. You want to see, touch and feel this person, most of the time. Maybe, for the rest of your life. Just a glance across the room, you feel the person's presents. I call it an out of body experience. It really takes your breath away sometimes. A friend is a person you respect and can live without.
If you are in love there are not enough words to express how you really feel. If a person likes you, I don't think they are ready to marry you. Count yourself blessed to find out before you make the mistake of marriage. Someone who is in love with you will come your way, just be a little patient. Take care!
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Robyn Rothman
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Maybe you can live without a friend. I can't. I also love my friends. Real friendship is more than respect.
Brenda Harrell
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Hi, perhaps I misunderstood you, I thought you were talking about your friend just wanting to be your friend. Not wanting to marry you for some unknown reason. I agree friends are very important and I do cherish mine. Take Care!
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To me Love is getting up everyday with the person you are with. Love can make you feel like you can't breath without that person. Being in love with someone is much stronger than just loving a person. If you like that person me that means that you care for them, but at the same time could like or care for another.
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Love is a deep feeling of devotion. You might like your dog, and your friend, but love more deep.

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