What Is 'Having A Crush On Someone' Exactly Mean?


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A 'crush' is a rather American term that isn't really used in many places other than the US and Canada. Ultimately, though, it means that an individual has taken a particular liking to another person. As you know in nature two creatures of opposite sexes will get together either to mate and have children, or get together to remain together for the rest of their lives. The human species does both of these things, but in the run up to finding a mate that they want to spend the rest of their lives with they will come across many potential mates.

Having a crush on someone means that you have found somebody that you subconsciously consider a suitable 'mate'. People often describe having a crush on somebody as caring for somebody a great deal, getting butterflies in the stomach whilst they are around and wanting to do things to ensure that they are well, they are safe and that they are happy. So if you have a crush on someone then they will usually be of the opposite sex (unless you are gay), and you will want to spend as much time with them as possible.

A crush often leads to a relationship. A relationship is the mutual trust between a boyfriend and girlfriend, which allows them to remain faithful to one another and to only love one another. Relationships then can of course lead to marriage in many parts of the world, which is the ceremony that two people (who started off having a 'crush' on one another) declare their love for one another and declare that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, So in a way, a crush is the stepping stone towards falling in love with somebody.
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It means that you have strong feelings someone, but you aren't together. Usually the other person doesn't know, but it's better for you to express your emotions because it will eat you up inside. Trust me.
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It means that you really like that person and you want to have a good relationship with that person....and if you end up loving that person then you want to spend your life with them
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It means that you really like that person, it's just that you don't know how to tell him or express yourself to him and that maybe you've had this feeling for a long time
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A crush is a feeling that you get when you find someone rather interesting. You're palms may sweat, heart rate might increase, and you may find yourself thinking about that person a lot.
Although crushes may seem " cute and sweet ", they shouldn't be taken for granted because love comes only when you're an adult and married. Don't even try for a boyfriend or girlfriend, you'll be glad you didn't.
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You like that someone, and they don't have a clue...you get nervous around them, and you don't say anything and then it tears you up, and causes pain to your poor little heart ♥
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A crush is when you secretly like someone (I know it's a bit late to answer this question but who cares)
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It means that you are interested in that person a little beyond the interest as just a friend. You have more feelings for that person then most people.
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It's the first giddy phase of what may or may not turn out to be deep feelings.  It doesn't always blossom or last, but it's always exciting for a while. :)  Wow!  I just noticed the date on this original question!  I guess they never fade away.  LOL

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I think a crush when you get butterflies in your belly and he makes you nervous you speak to him when hes around you also  don't move when hes there anything that he does you love and you love eye  ball him a lot you want to follow him ever where  you text or I'm him all time or you want call him just here his sexy voice you think he dresses so  wonderful his smile makes your heart melt you have little names for your crush like baby surge pie poo bear besides you know you be looking out his body eyes everything thats a crush and its normal have fun with it
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There's multiple definitions:1. Someone you secretly "like"
2.Using your hand or another object to break down (example:a pill)
3.A brand of soda, with the flavors:
Crush Apple, Crush Berry Blast, Crush Berry Pomegranate, Crush Birch Beer, Crush Blue Raspberry, Crush Cherry, Crush Chocolate, Crush Cola, Crush Cream Soda (Canada only), Crush Frozen Orange Dream, Crush Tropical Punch, Crush Fruity Red, Crush Ginger Beer, Crush Grapefruit, Crush Grape, Crush Lemon, Crush Lemon-Lime, Crush Lime, Crush Nectar, Crush Orange, Crush Peach, Crush Peach Sour, Crush Pear, Crush Pineapple, Crush Pink Grapefruit, Crush Red Cream, Crush Red Licorice, Crush Root Beer, Crush Soda Water, Crush Sour Apple, Crush Strawberries 'n' CreamCrush Strawberry, Crush Wild Cherry Cola, Crush Watermelon, Diet Crush Cream Soda, Diet Crush Grape, Diet Crush Lime, Diet Orange Crush
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It is when so one likes you. Its happens to me every day. I get 10 crushes every 30 minutes working out at the gym.

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