How To Tell If Someone Has A Crush On You?


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They'll begin to stare, and giggle a bit. And then maybe occasionally they'll start a conversation or give you compliments. The most distinct way to know he likes you is if he holds eye contact with you for 2-4 seconds. If this happens, blink a couple times while your holding contact. This will be flirting. When you blink, do it 4 times- really fast and in a row. If he still holds eye contact he likes you, and he knows you like him- withOUT you mentioning it. Then, get to know him  and be his friend. In a casual conversation, mention hanging out sometime. DO NOT use the word date, or he will be creep-ed out and your time is over (unless he's a total freak- which if this happens, he's too desperate and you need to find someone else.). Anyway, once you hang out, mention something simple. For example, for a school dance :You= Hey , do you have a date yet? Crush= no (or something among those lines) You= me neither!   Then you go from there. I know this is more than you needed, but I hope it helps!!!
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If they shake there hair and then stretch there arms then look at you in a really cute way

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