I have this crush on this person and I've decided to tell them, and i want to know your opinion on this and how to deal with someone saying they don't like you because i know they probably don't have a crush on me too?


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jet lemm answered

I forgot to mention also the fact that we're are friends and that i don't want me telling him change that.

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Thomas Zynobian answered

If you want more in your relationship you have to tell him your Feelings.

Otherwise you will never know how he feels and you never can be sure if he has this Kind of Feelings for you too.

There are many reasons why a Person cann´t like another Person, i think there is nothing bad in it if he says he don´t like you. There are a lot of persons you don´t like that is how it works.

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I'd tell you to go for it, but it would be hypocritical of me.  Just do what feels right.  If you're really unsure, ask your friends.  They know you better than any of us do.

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Four Palmz answered

Take rejection as a way to know there's someone better for you.

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