Who Is The Love Of Your Life?


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emily matlock answered
Well i think mine is Ryan. We haven't met yet but we talk on the phone every nite he calls me all the time. We flirt and joke around a lot. We tell eachother we love eacother alot and we are gonna meet soon no matter what. We have all these plans for when we meet. When he makes  a promise to me he never breaks it and he does everything for me. I would sacrifice so much for him and do anything to make him happy.
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kyann endrano
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Sacriface???do anything to make him happy???do you think he's going to do the same thing sacrifice and anything to make you happy??never breaks his promises???what if this time he breaks his promise????
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Johanna answered
The love of my life is my boyfriend. Ben. Hes sweet. A gentlemen, very masculine, protective, works hard makes good money. Has goals. Has plans, high set dreams... Perfect. :)
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Molly MIchelle
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Your boyfriend has the same name as my friend Kaycee's boyfriend. HEHE that's cool. HE sounds like a great man. Thank you for your answer :)
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tina harris answered
I have three loves of my life..there are the most thing I ador in this life.I don't know what I'll do with out them.   They're my everything..
Julie-o Winghou Profile
Julie-o Winghou answered
Hehe I think you know my answer  lol  probably travis  maybe jesse....I'm still trying to figure out if I loved him.....tehe
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The love of my life is emily peng.
A sweet girl who had brighten up my life even for a while.
We have many things in common. We shares almost the same interests.
We love blue sky. We love raining. We love reading. We love teasing each other..
We love the same music. We care each other.
We love to be simple in every way.
I always told her: If you are happy, i am happy.
But sadly, maybe it's not the time for us to be together in this life.
She just had moved.. So far.. Far away...
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Kaycee Perkins answered
The love of my life is Ben! He is nice, cute, funny, sensitive but not too sensitive, outgoing, and sweet!! Hehe

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