Who in your life has the best/worst luck?


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My husband has some good luck. Not only did he get to marry me (lol) but on a couple of cruises he won thousands of dollars in the casinos, and had some decent size lottery winnings. His numbers hit yesterday and won over $800.

As for people who have bad luck, many of them I find bring it upon themselves. Something goes wrong and they Band-Aid the situation instead of actually fixing it and then things snowball. I understand not be able to afford something, but I don't understand those people who go out to eat one or twice a week even if it is just McDonalds and then tell you they can't afford an oil change on their car. Then their engine blows. I have no sympathy for people like that.

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Lucky husband indeed! Mine has hit a couple of good lottery wins too. I don't touch the tickets. I'll jinx 'em. :\
Gotta agree with the second paragraph. Some people won't solve their money problems with money. The problem runs deeper.

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