How do you know when your first kiss is going to happen?


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millicent williams Profile
When you go to take a breath and you can't because a pair of lips are glued to yours.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
You dopnt most of the time, it just happens and thats the best way, when youre not expecting it
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Ashley commented
You don't, but trust me, it's better nawt to sense it because then you get major butterflies in your tummy&&stress out about it being perfect, just let it happen(:
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
When a guy or girl is coming towards you and starts to kiss you.
DR. teenage love Profile
HA HA its not something you can predict but its intense and heart thumping
Maria Not Telling Profile
When you're with a guy or a girl and you're standing close to them tou can knid of sense it
Sal Mendoza Profile
Sal Mendoza answered
Hehehe yeah plan it in a special occasion and its more romantic if he or she surprises u. Like my girl ^^ she got so surprise she almost pass out it was prom

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