I Need Help With My First Kiss. What Should I Do?


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Your first kiss is a beautiful, special, wonderful experience that you will savour and remember for the rest of your life. However, a bit too much emphasis is put on it and that can often make people nervous. There's no need to be nervous, it's a perfectly natural thing that occurs between men and women (or between homosexuals).

Kissing is when you gently push your lips up against the lips of someone else. A little kiss on their mouth can be enough for some people. However, some people like to kiss with their mouths open which also called French kissing -which involves touching the other persons tongue with your tongue.

Don't expect too much and don't let anyone do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just say no thank you and scoot.

However, you will probably find the experience quite lovely and the lips secrete a special liquid which makes you lips more kissable and the other person will want to kiss you more! If you want this too, go for it.
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I needed help with my first kiss and this is what I got told to do:
Make sure your breath is fresh!
Make sure you both WANT to kiss.
Lean in.
When your lips touch, get your lips over hers/his.
Then gently move your lips in a circular motion.
And then your first kiss will be GREAT! It worked for me.
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If you're a girl: DON'T WEAR A LOT OF LIPGLOSS!!!!! If your lips are covered with globs of sticky goo, when you pull apart, there will be a string of spit between his and your lips! YUCK!!!!! XP
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Just don't be nervous! ^^ I was and trust me, there's no need. It just happens.
Wing it, and it pretty much just comes to you.
I don't know how old you are, but maybe the other person doesn't have that much experience either, right?
P.s. Make sure this is someone worthy of your first kiss. 'Cause once it's done, you can't take it back.
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I just had my first kiss today and lets say... It was not like in a perfect place... It was in an empty alley... But it was special me and her are really good friends and I really like her so she said if I want to I could kiss her... It was not to wet at all and we had just drank coffee (apparently drink or eat something they like cause I love coffee) so her lips tasted awesome and well... It only lasted a few seconds so it was no big thing but it was magical... I loved it

(btw... I'm a girl and I kissed a girl and I liked it so suck it you homophobes)
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Well lean in and if she leans in as well shes ready to kiss , keep your breath nice and fresh as well also don't move your tongue around to fast  either I did this once and it was so embarrassing .
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Dear kesterkk,
the best start to a kiss is to move slowly and also softly, it's very sexy, and also you avoid clanking teeth, eyeglasses, etc.
You also should follow the cues of the person you're kissing, but also explore what you, yourself, like in kissing. It's always and experiment with someone new.
You have every right to be the first to kiss, especially if you've already had such clear signals.
Hopefully, your friend is not a slobberer. That's usually a kiss-killer.
You can also say to the person after you kiss them, wow, that was amazing, or whatever.
Good luck!
[don't be pressured into going further than you want to go, should you be feeling rushed.] ;)
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Ok well I was sooo nervous for mine and I wish I wasnt cause now I see there is NO reason too be!! And make sure you do not do it just to '' get it over with" because my friend did that and now she regrets her 1st kiss. Just lean and touch his lips and let up when he does.
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When it comes to the kissing stage I get so nervous it makes me cry and I never know what to do so I will try these comment and if they don't work I guess I will have to try something else x
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To have an unforgetable first kiss, the very first thing to considered is are you ready to have you first kiss then try to keep your breath fresh during you first kiss to avoid embarassment.
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I have no idea what to do for my first kiss like I'm afraid I will do somethig wrong I know for a act my boyfriend wants to kiss me but I have never kissed anyone and he has. I'm really afraid cause I think I'm going to mess up and m really nervous plz help me!?!?!?!
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Me and my girlfriend are wanting to kiss and it is nerve racking but they r just as nervous as u chances r
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Come close, if she or he accept your closeness, then make a eye contact. Then make the lip contact, then close your eyes, then let the tongue meet the other tongue and swirl around.
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When you have your very first kiss make sure that you have nice fresh breath, and try not to slobber, it is so much nicer when the person you are kissing and vice versa has nice fresh breath and dry lips not wet ones as that is a turn off.
Go towards them and very gently put your lips against their lips and just see how that feels first , if it feels right you will know and the next step will come naturally.
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I don't know when this was posted, but its June 2009 now, and I'm 12 years old. I'm feeling the exact same thing. It would be my first kiss, and I AM SO NERVOUS. I don't know if she'll accept it, or if she'll think it's too pushy. I really, really like her, and I love to be around her. I can tell she feels the same way, but this feeling still just won't escape from me. PLEASE HELP. I know it has been awhile since a new message has been posted, but this is seriously urgent. ANYONE OUT THERE, PLEASE.
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Think about if you really want to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend if you really want to and your ready for it everything should come naturally I'm also 12 and was nervous about my first kiss for the same reasons you guys were don't worry about it you will b fine
hope I helped :)
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Look don't worry you will get used to him if he really loves you he will take it slow. Good luck.
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Go out with the girl or boy your in love with for at least two weeks and try to kiss him or her they will love it so go for it!
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Don't worry , you think you don't know how to kiss, but when the time come, you'll see that's not so hard, you can deal with this!
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Just relax and everything would be fine. Make sure you have fresh breath as well. And make sure you actually want to do it!! You will honestly b fine and hopefully you will become more comfortable and b able to do more stuffk
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I'm 14 and I have the same problem but I'm thinkin if you talk to them and you just look into thier eyes go slow and ull make it
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I'm the same way I am 12 almost 13 and me an this guy just started dating and we are going ot the movies and he told me he wanted to kiss me and I am thinking it will be at the movies tomorrow I am so nervouse I don't know what to do or how ot do it right

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