What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Interracial Relationship?


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I am in an interracial relation. I am white/European and my husband is 100% Latin. Although I am half latin (my fathers side), you would never know by looking at me. My husband was very surprised when I first told him that. My father was here for 15 years before I was born so he was pretty Americanized...although I did learn some about Latin culture from my father. Also, I was born here and raised more on the side of my mother's culture. Having said that....The pros are, that we really learned alot from eachother, culture, diversity, customs, philosophies, ways of life, ways of thinking, belief systems, ways of acting and reacting, food, music, language, the list goes on and on.  Not only did we learn about eachothers cultures but I think we even learned more about our own cultures, as we were able to see the differences so clearly being with each other. We think we know about other cultures, how they think, behave, etc., and we even think we know alot about our own culture. But for me, seeing the differences not only taught me about his culture but mine as well.....which put a great deal into perspective for me.

Another pro is, if they were born in another country you get to listen to their sexy accent all the time. :o)

pro- I think interracial children are absolutely gorgeous!.....and they have the benefit of 2 worlds.

Pro- many things to be learned, discovered, to benefit from.

Cons- I can honestly say, so far, there have been no cons. (major ones at least:) But I know that many interracial couples have problems because of the diversity in their cultures, children taunting their children, other family members not accepting the other. Disapproving friends, society. People question your motivation. Negative stereotypes.

I've experienced a new joy through my husband. The bottom line is, the joy in any relationship, interracial or not, comes from the surprise and pleasure of finding someone you have a spiritual, mental and emotion connection to, Black, white, brown yellow or red.  
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I TOTALY agree with the children part....!!!! Totally cute and they have both of the world in them....LOL
that's how i see it...
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The main con can be when a child is born, and is bi-racial.  I have seen many kids who are black/white mix, be teased and made fun of, ridicules and treated cruelly by both other kids and adults.  I have a 17 yr old adopted black sister, and she gets made fun of because our parents are white, and older.  Seems some kids can find any reason to make fun of others.
Of course this is so wrong, and I hate it, but it is very common, unfortunately.
But God loves theses kids too, after all He planned them, created them, and has a purpose for their lives.
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If you say in marriage then it would be;

Pro- love, a new kind of sharing, if it is extreme like east and west then it would be, New cultural learning, eye opener to the other members of the family...

Cons- language( more on understanding each other, usually in the beginning), their way of life, their character or opinion and perspective on stuff may differ.

I am considering a spouse out of my culture-Indian culture....LOL
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Ow.. Sorry I sorta gave the wrong information... At first it is hard if the basis is language... At that moment in my mind was a friend of mine...

His spouse is a Mongolian... While he is Chinese, it may not seem though because you would be thinking its within Asia but, even to pronounce her name was quite hard for me... Either way I got it correct the 1st time I pronounced it...^_^
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So you see, I actually agree that there are more pro in this than cons..... Sorry gave the other impression..
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No problem~ I was not offended at all. I was just saying that what you wrote down as a con I saw as a pro...that's all. :o)
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I see it like this for as an interracial relationship love has no respect of person.love never looks at the color all it knows is love.so for me to be against it I can't be we will never Know whom we are to meet or fall in love with and no matter where they are from and the color of skin or even their language this does not matter one way or another.People have an issue some times with people getting together and loving each other but it's time for a change and God see all his people the same no race involve or no respecter of persons.Love is Love and what ever person it is that whom ever connects with let love have it's free course.We are different in many ways poor,rich short ,tall many colors ,many languages many different backgrounds,We have all sort's of differences but loving some one of the opposite side is to me awesome.being with some one other then where you are from is awesome because you get to enjoy life in a new and sweet way.I find that when I listen to others music it's sweet and I learn something about it that I did not know.We need to live and enjoy life and don't see as other people see but see through the eyes of the Lord Jesus.He made all things beautiful and good for us to love what he has created.  
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My husband is white and I am an Alaska Native, Aleut. We have been together for over 27 years. One definite pro to this relationship is that we made some very beautiful children. There are many many relationship throughout the world that are interracial, now it isn't looked at like it once was.
People today have grown up seeing relationships like this, so it isn't quite the shock that it used to be. Though many people so still believe that you shouldn't mix races, and will never see any other way, but what color your partners skin is.
Sad, and my husband and I have run into a few problems over the years, but we have always stood strong with our love, and that's all there is to that. Just because someone thinks that we shouldn't be together isn't going to be the reason for me to leave my family. Hope this helps.
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Love knows no boundaries and doesn't see color or flaws. I have friends in other countries whom I care for and they have a place in my heart just like any other friend. I don't know of any cons really except living so far apart but then again they are only a plane ride away.

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