Why are teen boy's scared to let a girl know they like them? And how can I tell if he does without word's.


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Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Just look for signs.
If he likes to spend time alone with u
if he stares at u with a weird smile on his face
if he acts stupid around you
oh also if hes soo far into denial that hes really mean to you so that nobody suspects a thing.
Guys wheel girls in different ways.. :P
eve sigoolam Profile
eve sigoolam answered
Look at his actions and movements u are bound 2 no.
Emily Smith Profile
Emily Smith answered
They're worried that you'll turn them down, afraid of being made a fool of. Also, brittany's right, they do care about other's input. Sad but true.
Lynn Jhonson Profile
Lynn Jhonson answered
They are either worried about being played or puncked by their boys just get past the soft gaurd that he has up you may think its hard but its soft.....but mabye you should try letting him know face to face but privately :)

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